Coronavirus Podcast Episodes

Here you will find episodes relating to coronavirus from a variety of podcasts covering everything from economics to practical advice. You can find podcasts with up-to-date coverage dedicated solely to the outbreak on our Discover List: Coronavirus Updates.

You can also find official coronavirus guidelines from the CDC and from the World Health Organization. Stay safe and stay healthy!


News & Updates


Today Explained

The loneliness pandemic April 10th
Six feet away from God April 9th
Vote and die April 8th
"The Great Equalizer" April 7th
The immunity test April 6th
Mask on? Mask off? April 3rd
6.6 million more unemployed April 2nd
Lockdown while locked up April 1st
The trouble with Trump’s daily briefings March 31st
How Covid-19 attacks your body March 30th
Your coronavirus questions, answered (Part II) March 27th
The emergency room emergency March 26th
The two trillion dollar question March 25th
Asia’s second wave March 23rd
Giving birth in a pandemic March 23rd
Your coronavirus questions, answered March 20th
Six feet away March 19th
TFW your dad gives you Covid-19 March 18th
Can President Trump fix this? March 17th
School’s out for Covid March 16th
Living in lockdown March 13th
How to slow down coronavirus March 12th
Coronavirus hits the markets March 10th
So you think you have Covid-19 March 6th
Covid-19, explained by Carl (who has it) March 3rd
Pandemic? February 26th


The Daily

Voices of the Pandemic April 13th
The Sunday Read: Weird Al Yankovic’s Weirdly Enduring Appeal April 12th
A Bit of Relief: ‘Soup Is Soup’ April 10th
‘I Become a Person of Suspicion’ April 10th
On the Front Lines in New Orleans April 9th
A Crisis Inside the Navy April 8th
Wisconsin’s Pandemic Primary April 7th
A Historic Unemployment Crisis April 6th
The Return of the Governor April 3rd
A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci April 2nd
The Race for a Vaccine April 1st
Why the U.S. Is Running Out of Medical Supplies March 31st
Back From the Brink March 30th
The Sunday Read: What I Learned When My Husband Got Coronavirus March 29th
A Kids’ Guide to Coronavirus March 27th
A Historic Stimulus Bill March 26th
‘Raring to Go by Easter’ March 25th
Why the American Approach Is Failing March 24th
Special Episode: Alone Together March 20th
New York City Grinds to a Halt March 20th
One City’s Fight to Stop the Virus March 19th
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘It’s Making Sure We Live Through This.’ March 18th
‘It’s Like a War March 17th
Why This Recession Will Be Different March 16th
Special Episode: A Bit of Relief – March 13th March 13th
Learning to Live With the Coronavirus March 13th
Confronting a Pandemic March 12th
Why the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus March 11th
The Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington State March 5th
The Coronavirus Goes Global February 27th
Fear, Fury and the Coronavirus February 13th


The Journal

The World Has Too Much Oil April 10th
What Happens When 10% of Workers File for Unemployment April 9th
The Navy’s Coronavirus Crisis April 8th
Dr. Anthony Fauci on How Life Returns to Normal April 7th
Can Blood From Survivors Help Fight Coronavirus? April 6th
The Silicon Valley Face Mask Disruptors April 3rd
Essential Work: Inside an Amazon Warehouse During Coronavirus April 2nd
The Next Coronavirus Financial Crisis April 1st
The Debate Over the Defense Production Act March 31st
China Is Getting Past Coronavirus. Its Economy Isn’t. March 27th
The Economic Trade-Offs of Social Distancing March 26th
The $2 Trillion Plan to Help the Economy March 25th
Why There’s No Toilet Paper: Answers to Your Coronavirus Questions March 24th
The Coronavirus Cash Crisis March 23rd
When Performers Work From Home March 20th
The Looming Crisis for U.S. Hospitals March 19th
Coronavirus Layoffs Have Begun March 18th
The Economic Uncertainty of Coronavirus March 17th
The Race to Cure Coronavirus March 16th
The Oil Price War That Stoked the Market Freefall March 13th
The Day Coronavirus Became a Pandemic March 12th
How the U.S. Is Trying to Contain Coronavirus March 9th
Will Coronavirus Cause a Recession? March 5th
How Washington State’s Coronavirus Outbreak Unfolded March 3rd


On The Media

Blindsided April 10th
How Hydroxychloroquine Became A Thing April 8th
War, What Is It Good For? April 3rd
We Live On Zoom Now – And That Might Be a Problem April 2nd
Playing The Hero March 27th
When Coronavirus Isn’t The Only Crisis March 25th
Bracing for Impact March 20th
Can Eviction Moratoriums Stop The Bleeding March 18th
Civilization, Interrupted March 13th
A Unique Petri Dish March 12th
Our Bodies, Ourselves March 6th
Covering a Pandemic When Institutions Go Dark March 4th


Stories of our times

What to read in lockdown April 12th
ICU: A doctor’s story April 9th
President Trump and the virus April 8th
Voices from New York April 7th
Brazil: a country divided April 6th
Keir Starmer: the man, the party, the crisis April 5th
WHO knows best? How to beat the virus April 2nd
Fighting the lockdown with a new volunteer army April 1st
Lessons in isolation (from Antarctica) March 30th
What does the coronavirus mean for jobs? March 29th
Love (and divorce) in the time of corona March 27th
Lessons from a past pandemic March 26th
Living with the lockdown: Meet Norman and Jorge March 25th
Bonus episode: You must stay at home March 24th
Has the government done enough? March 23rd
The Virus: An Olympic sized problem March 20th
The Virus: A world shut down March 19th
The Virus: Splendid isolation with Jon Ronson March 18th
The Virus: When the doctors get sick March 16th


The Latest

Why President Trump Changed His Tone on the Coronavirus March 17th


Ted Talks Daily

An ethical plan for ending the pandemic and restarting the economy- Danielle Allen April 9th
It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next – Elizabeth Gilbert April 7th
Simple, effective tech to connect communities in crisis March 31st
What the world can learn from China’s response to the coronavirus – Gary Liu March 27th
How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic – Bill Gates March 25th


Life Kit

Don’t Be Discouraged. Here’s How To Help During Coronavirus April 13th
How To Get Therapy When You Can’t Leave The House April 2nd
Here’s How To Pick A College During Coronavirus April 2nd
What To Do If You Lost Work Because Of Coronavirus March 30th
Disrupted and Distanced: The Latest Advice On Navigating Coronavirus March 18th
Coronavirus And Parenting: What You Need To Know Now March 13th
5 Ways To Prevent And Prepare For The Coronavirus February 28th


The Science


Short Wave

How To Talk About The Coronavirus With Friends And Family April 13th
The "7 Day COVID-19 Crash" April 10th
Puerto Ricans Are At Risk From The Coronavirus And A Lack Of Information April 7th
How The Coronavirus Could Hurt Our Ability To Fight Wildfires April 3rd
Is This Real? Loss of Smell And The Coronavirus April 1st
Lessons In Being Alone, From A Woodland Snail March 30th
No, The Coronavirus Isn’t Another Flu March 27th
Stay Home And Skype A Scientist March 26th
Why Is The Coronavirus So Good At Spreading? March 24th
Keep Your Distance March 20th
Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For Days. What That Really Means March 18th
Coronavirus Latest: Testing Challenges And Protecting At-Risk Elderly March 13th
Coronavirus Is Here. Will Quarantines Help? March 4th
A Coronavirus Listener Q&A Episode February 7th


Science Vs

Coronavirus: When Will It End? April 7th
Coronavirus: Should I Disinfect EVERYTHING? April 7th
Coronavirus: Is It Airborne? April 3rd
Coronavirus: Are Young People Safe? March 31st
Coronavirus: Will Chloroquine Save Us? March 26th
Coronavirus: Unmasking the Facts March 23rd
Coronavirus: A Story From the Front Lines March 19th
Coronavirus: What Should You Do Now? March 16th
Coronavirus: Fears and Facts March 4th



All (Washed) Hands on Deck: How to Help Yourself & Others Right Now with Dr. Michael F. Wells March 22th
Virology (COVID-19) with Dr. Shannon Bennett + various ologists March 10th


Science Rules! with Bill Nye

Coronavirus: Is Six Feet Enough? April 10th
Coronavirus: A Vaccine, Then What? April 7th
Coronavirus: Shopping Safely April 4th
Coronavirus: The Economics of COVID-19 April 3rd
Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered March 31st
Coronavirus: What The Numbers Tell Us March 27th
Coronavirus: Where Are The Tests? March 24th
Coronavirus: How Afraid Should You Be? March 12th



Sawbones: Hydroxychloroquine April 12th
Sawbones: Ignaz Semmelweis April 3rd
Sawbones: Masks March 30th
Sawbones: Coronavirus Part 2 March 22nd
Sawbones: Revenge of the Weird Medical Questions March 13th
Sawbones: Quarantine March 2nd
Sawbones: Coronavirus February 2nd


This Podcast Will Kill You

COVID-19 Chapter 8: Disparities0 April 9th
COVID-19 Chapter 7: Spillover April 6th
COVID-19 Chapter 1: Virology March 23rd
COVID-19 Chapter 2: Disease March 23rd
COVID-19 Chapter 3: Control March 23rd
COVID-19 Chapter 4: Epidemiology March 23rd
COVID-19 Chapter 5: Vaccines March 23rd
COVID-19 Chapter 6: Mental Health March 23rd
M-m-m-my Coronaviruses February 18




The two types of tests we need to end this April 5th
Airborne, Explained March 29th
What this coronavirus does to your body March 26th


The Economics


Freakonomics Radio

What Happens When Everyone Stays Home to Eat? April 8th
Is $2 Trillion the Right Medicine for a Sick Economy? April 1st
What Does Covid-19 Mean for Cities (and Marriages)? March 25th
The Side Effects of Social Distancing March 18th


This Is Uncomfortable

Zoom therapy in a pandemic April 9th
Love in the time of coronavirus April 2nd
Hard choices March 26th
COVID-19 comforts March 19th


The Latest

Why Markets Crashed on Monday March 9th


An Arm and A Leg

Makers unite: Speeding PPE to a COVID hospital April 7th



Takeaways From the Carnage April 2nd
What the Actual ETF Is Going on Right Now March 19th
Biotech ETFs Vs. The Coronavirus March 5th


Planet Money

#990: The Big Small Business Rescue April 8th
#989: What If No One Pays Rent? April 8th
#988: The Economics Of Hospital Beds April 3rd
#987: The Race To Make Ventilators March 31st
#986: America Unemployed March 28th
#985: Where Do We Get $2,000,000,000,000? March 26th
#983: You Asked About The Virus Economy March 23rd
#981: How To Test A Counrty March 18th
#980: The Fed Fights The Virus March 16th
#979: Medicine For The Economy March 13th
#978: Coronavirus, Oil, and Kansas March 11th
#977: Where’s The Vaccine? March 6th


The Indicator from Planet Money

Why Hospitals Are Laying People Off April 10th
Why Sweden Isn’t Locking Down April 9th
Coronavirus and Trade April 8th
Coronavirus And The Gig Economy April 7th
Pandemic-onomics: Lessons From The Spanish Flu April 6th
The Jobs Crisis April 3rd
The Coronavirus Pivot April 2nd
Three Ideas To Fight The Recession April 1st
Scarcity In The Emergency Room March 31st
Listeners Ask, We Answer March 30th
When Should We Restart the Economy? March 27th
The Labor Market Catastrophe March 26th
Stimulus Rex March 25th
Pandemic Bonds March 24th
The Most Vulnerable Workers March 23rd
Our COVID-19 Indicators Of The Week March 20th
The Test Shortage March 19th
China’s New Normal March 18th
The Sudden Stop March 16th
Economic Fear Factor March 13th
Disease Detectives March 11th
Tracking The Impact Of Coronavirus In Real Time March 10th
Coronavirus And The Labor Market March 6th
Health Policy Is Economic Policy March 5th
The Corona Bump March 4th
Coronavirus: Update From Italy March 3rd
Coronavirus: A View From Hong Kong February 28th
Coronavirus And The Global Economy February 10th




Short Wave

Coronavirus Is Closing Schools: Here’s How Families Can Cope. March 17th


Life kit

We Need Art Right Now. Here’s How To Get Into Poetry March 31st
Coping With Coronavirus: Tips For Your Wallet And Kitchen March 26th
Anxious Thoughts? 5 Tips To Help You Sleep March 26th
6 Tips For Homeschooling During Coronavirus March 24th
Stuck Inside? Here’s Your TV Streaming Strategy March 19th
8 Tips To Make Working From Home, Work For You March 17th


The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Coronavirus BONUS: Laurie’s Personal Tips April 9th
Coronavirus BONUS: Help Others to Help Yourself March 30th
Coronavirus BONUS: Calm Can Be Contagiou March 26th
Coronavirus BONUS: Rising to a Challenge March 23
Coronavirus BONUS: Coach Yourself Through a Crisis March 19
Coronavirus BONUS: Beat Your Isolation Loneliness March 16


The Science of Happiness

Remembering to Breathe April 9th
Staying Close While Physical Distancing March 26th


It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

Weekly Wrap: Yes, The Census Is Still Happening April 10th
Weekly Wrap: A Jobs Crisis, And It’s No One’s Fault April 3rd
Homeschooling In The Age Of The Coronavirus March 31st
Weekly Wrap: The Coronavirus ‘New Normal’ March 27th
Special Episode: A Social Distancing Survival Guide March 20th
Weekly Wrap: Everything Is Canceled, Here Are Some Distractions March 13th


Death, Sex & Money

A Weekend Homework Assignment From Tayari Jones April 10th
"We Are The Glue": Stories From Essential Workers April 1st
A Surgical Nurse On Being Essential March 30th
What Rockstars And Sober People Already Know About Quarantine March 25th
We Made A Pandemic Tool Kit March 20th
Alone Together: A COVID-19 Call-In March 13th


The Indicator from Planet Money

Working From Home March 17th



"The Good Hysteria" March 19th


Call Your Girlfriend

Homebodies March 20th
Corona Community March 13th


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Bonus: Coping During COVID-19: How to Stay Happier and Calmer in Difficult Times March 14




The Internet Has a Crush on Dr. Fauci April 12th
Will your favorite restaurant survive? April 9th
Your phone knows if you’re staying at home April 7th
The race to make more ventilators April 2nd
There’s no social distancing in Animal Crossing March 31st
Is Amazon primed for coronavirus? March 24th
How quickly can we treat covid-19? March 19th
Does stopping coronavirus require more surveillance? March 10th
The coronavirus rumor mill March 5th


Over the Road

Another Update From the Road March 31st
Brief Update From the Road March 18th


Code Switch

Why The Coronavirus Is Hitting Black Communities Hardest April 11th
A Treacherous Choice And A Treaty Right April 8th
When Fear Of The Coronavirus Turns Into Racism And Xenophobia March 4th


Eater’s Digest

How Chef Ed Lee Is Fighting to Feed Restaurant Workers Across the Country April 10th
Chef Tom Colicchio on How the Stimulus Bill Will Affect Restaurants April 3rd
How Chef Dan Giusti Is Feeding Kids in School + Restaurants Are Turning into Wine Stores March 27th
Closings, Bailouts, Delivery, and More March 20th
How Coronavirus Is Affecting Restaurants + Food Stories March 13th


Hidden Brain

Playing Tight And Loose April 6th
Close Enough: Living Through Others March 30th
An Unfinished Lesson March 23rd
Panic in the Streets March 16th


Short Wave

The Surprising Origin of Some Timely Advice: Wash Your Hands January 31st


The Daily

Special Episode: Jody’s Playlist March 27th
Special Episode: This Tom Hanks Story Will Make You Feel Less Bad March 15th


Worst Year Ever

The Reasonable Person’s Guide To Prepping March 17th


99% Invisible

397- Wipe Out April 7th
394- Roman Mars Describes Things As They Are March 17th


Other Great Resources


28 Podcasts for Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Some excellent coronavirus podcast episodes, videos, and links

Reply All Call-Ins over twitch “We want to connect with you. We are going to be taking calls several days in the coming weeks.”
Check twitter to find when they are streaming live.  

Avery Trufelman, a producer of 99% Invisible, has a nightly poetry series.

Wow in the World will be releasing shows daily and have a worksheet to go along with episodes to get your kids thinking and learning.

Some Good News with John Krasinski highlights good news from around the world with some very special guests.

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