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Podcast junkie and recovered publicist Skye Pillsbury writes Inside Podcasting, a three-times-per-week free email newsletter from In 2019 Skye launched the Inside Podcasting podcast, in which creators talk about their craft.

Over the years, Skye has crafted digital communication strategies for brands like Yahoo! and Microsoft, and has worked regularly with media outlets such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and NPR. Skye was famous for 49 minutes when she and her son were featured in an episode of Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight podcast.

The world feels very serious right now. In response, I’ve compiled a list of podcasts that bring me joy.

The Hiss

Before James Kim created his acclaimed fiction podcast Moonface, he produced this four-part series about confounding real-life experiences. My only problem with this series is that it’s too short! James, if you’re listening, please make more. Start with The Storyteller.

The Last Bohemians

I love this collection of interviews with “female firebrands and maverick outsiders” of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Tune in to hear “LSD campaigner” Amanda Feilding, “original rude girl” Pauline Black, and five other fearless ladies talk about their fascinating lives. Start with any episode.

For Colored Nerds

If you miss Black culture podcast The Nod (who, me?), check out the hosts’ previous — and just as wonderful — show For Colored Nerds. Same engaging hosts, whole new backlog of content. Start with Get Out.

Everything is Alive

Ian Chillag’s podcast, which features interviews with inanimate objects, is a total delight. After listening, you’ll see the world in a whole new way. Start with Chioke, Grain of Sand. (Fun fact: Chioke is played by “voice for NPR” Okiedoke)

Dead Eyes

This hilarious and surprisingly poignant series follows comedian/actor Connor Ratliffe, as he investigates why Tom Hanks fired him from a minor role in HBO’s Band of Brothers. The show features delightful cameos from people like Jon Hamm and has me 100% hooked. Start with episode one.

Kind World

This series offers intimate accounts of kindness and generosity from around the world. Leave your own story on the show’s voicemail (617-353-6350), and you just might hear it “on the air.” Start with I’ll never cry again.

Richard’s Famous Food Podcast

Start with the wild imagination of Richard Parks III. Add food-inspired adventures and quirky made-up characters. Throw in real-life interviews from people around the world. Turn the soundboard up to eleven. Mix well and enjoy. Start with Bone Broth.

The Slowdown

I love this show in which Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith “delivers a new way to see the world — through poetry” every weekday. Pro-tip (borrowed from Post Reports host Martine Powers): listen to the show at the very end of the day, while you make the final preparations before sleep. Start with any episode.

Podcast Reviews Review Podcast

This show, in which the host reviews the show’s Apple Podcasts reviews, is completely absurd and loads of fun. Let this podcast give you a little relief from the overwhelming realness in the world right now.
Start with 15.

Inside Podcasting

If you are as fascinated with podcasts as I am, you might enjoy Inside Podcasting, where creators get a chance to talk about their craft. The show’s second season, in which I interview the people behind acclaimed podcasts like The New York Times’ 1619, Dolly Parton’s America, and Moonface, arrives this spring. Start with Everything is Alive podcast, Ian Chillag.

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