About Podcasts & Pocket Casts

What is a podcast?

According to the dictionary definition, a podcast is “a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer.” Simply put, a podcast is an audio (or sometimes video) recording, often episodic in nature, that can be listened to on a variety of devices. Whether for education or entertainment, they cover all genres and allow the listeners immediate access to content from all around the world.

What is a podcast app?

A podcast app is a great way to discover, listen to and organize your favorite podcasts.  

What is Pocket Casts?

Built by podcast listeners, for podcast listeners, Pocket Casts is a critically acclaimed, beautifully designed app that’s on a mission to create the world’s greatest podcasting experience through its free and Pocket Cast Plus tiers. We offer podcast fans more control of their listening experience through features that make it easier to discover and organize podcasts, alongside powerful tools to customize the listening experience. Pocket Casts is available for Android, iOS and web, as well as Amazon Echo, CarPlay, Android Auto, Sonos, Apple Watch, Chromecast, and HomePod (via Google Cast and Airplay 2).

Why listen to podcasts?

Why not listen to podcasts? The medium is completely portable – you listen to podcasts whenever and wherever you want. Whether you’re commuting by planes, trains, or automobiles, or you just want to have someone talk you to sleep, podcasts are always available for you. Listen on your schedule, with the ability to stop and start whenever you need.

How do I start listening to podcasts?

It’s simple: open up the Discover page and start exploring! Once a podcast is added to your podcast feed, you’ll have access to the full episode list. From there, it’s up to you to decide where you’d like to begin, with the option to stream now or download for later. Start building your Up Next queue and get listening to podcasts today.

Do podcasts cost money?

Nope! Podcasts are free to listen to. At Pocket Casts, with our public media ownership, we fundamentally believe that great content should be accessible alongside the best listening experience. Once you have downloaded the Pocket Casts app, you can listen to all the podcasts your heart desires without any additional fees.

Do I need to create an account?

The primary goal of a Pocket Casts account is to keep all of your podcast subscriptions together in one place and to allow immediate sync between platforms. That means you can pick-up exactly where you left off on another device thanks to seamless integrations across iOS and Android; Amazon Echo; Sonos; Chromecast; Airplay, Apple Watch, Carplay and Android Auto. Creating an account is not necessary for listening to podcasts on the app, but it guarantees that you won’t ever lose track of your podcasts with our syncing feature.

Want more information?

For any questions about how Pocket Casts works on a specific one of our supported platforms, check out the specialized Support pages for each platform. Additionally, you can look through our blog for more information about Pocket Casts, the podcast industry, and more.