Kathy Tu

Kathy Tu is the co-host of Nancy, the critically-acclaimed storytelling podcast from WNYC Studios exploring how we define ourselves, the journey it takes to get there, and the queer experience today.

Kathy’s go-to Podcasts

This is a list of all the podcasts I keep up with on a weekly basis. I’ve been trying to be more intentional with the shows I’m listening to because audio can be a very persuasive medium. So here are my shows, in reverse alphabetical order, because nobody ever does that.

United States of Anxiety

I love this show that takes a hard look at our country’s history and sees how it can inform our future. Host Kai Wright guides you through it all. It’s informative, it’s fascinating, and it’s educational. Listen!

Trump, Inc.

The stuff that the Trump, Inc. team digs up about our current president and his family is mind-blowing. Every episode makes me ponder how different this administration is from the rest.

Reply All

I love the internet and this is the best show about the internet. PJ and Alex are hilarious and truly know basically everything there is to know about the internet. And the show is so well crafted. It’s truly a podcast that has had an impact on my own show.


What can I say about Radiolab that hasn’t already been said by their legions of fans? It’s a show about curiosity and the truly surprising things about life. Fun fact: Nancy is now part of the Radiolab team, so dreams really do come true.

Personal Best

Small wins! Doing your best! Canadians! I love this fun show from the CBC. Sometimes things can be low stakes but feel like huge stakes, and that’s what I love about this show.


I was always an indoor kid, but an indoor kid fascinated by and inspired by folks who understand the natural world. This show is what I wished I had as a kid so I could really enjoy the outdoors. NHPR at its best!


I had to include my own show on this list, of course. Nancy has not just been an outlet for me to figure out my queer self, it’s been a way to connect me to my community. I love my Nancy gaggle!

Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

This is my latest obsession (a tip from amazing producer Robin Hopkins). George the Poet melds his poetry and social injustices with sound design in a way that is completely captivating.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

One of my absolute favorite companion podcasts, HPST makes me think about the Harry Potter books in a truly unique way. Always something new to think about, which I love.

Ear Hustle

This has been one of my favorite podcasts since they launched. Stories from within San Quentin State Prison, and now outside of it! I truly cannot get enough of Earlonne, Nigel, New York, and Antwan!

Death, Sex & Money

Anna Sale is the kind of interviewer I hope to be one day. Her show covers all the things that we don’t talk about enough and absolutely need to talk about more.


Criminal is where I get my true crime kick. I know there are lots of options out there, but I love the craft that goes into every episode of Criminal.

Code Switch

Code Switch always feels like home. This is a show that examines things without needing any explanatory commas, and I didn’t know that’s what I needed until I heard it.

30 For 30

One weird thing about me is that I don’t cry at any movies EXCEPT sports movies. Not surprisingly, the stories told on 30 For 30 move me in a way that sports movies do.

10 Things That Scare Me

A short podcast with surprisingly deep connections. Fear is often a thing that we try to get away from, but sometimes the comforting thing is naming them out loud. That’s what this podcast does.

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