Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy is the oldest brother of the McElroy brothers and is known for his shows My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, and Sawbones, as well as his YouTube series Monster Factory. Check out some of his favorite shows.

Reply All

An incredible, funny, sad, smart show about the internet that reminds us that if you tug any of the threads of the web long enough, you’re going to find they’re connected to another human being.

The Worst Idea of All Time

In the first season (you must start there) two New Zealand comedians watch and review Grown Ups 2 every week for a calendar year. Things just get worse from there.

Ear Hustle

A staggeringly moving, informative and at times hilarious look at life in San Quentin State Prison that’s actually created by the prisoners. It’s absolutely captivating.

Hello From the Magic Tavern

Chicago improv comedians craft a fantasy world that I’d wager is, at this point, as richly detailed as any in existence. It’s also a whole lot funnier. How these guys manage to keep their hilarious story cogent despite making it up as they go is a thing to behold.

In the Dark

The second season of this true crime show is one of the most important, dispiriting, infuriating things I’ve ever listened to. But a shocking reversal after the season ends creates a spark of hope that some semblance of justice may still be served.

The Giant Bombcast

I don’t write about video games anymore, but I keep abreast of that world through The Giant Bombcast, which (along with its predecessor The Hot Spot) basically created the format most other gaming shows are based on.

Professor Theo’s Mystery Lab

A lovely little show from my home state of West Virginia. Storyteller and teacher Jonathan Joy crafts stories for kids along with his son Levi. It’s pulpy, sweet and perfect for listening with kids.

Blank Check

Griffin Newman and David Sims explore filmographies of directors who had huge hits and then got to make their passion projects that stunned people for all the right and wrong reasons. Through Blank Check I’ve watched so many films I never would have seen otherwise and gained a much deeper appreciation for the medium.


America’s Test Kitchen presents a deep dive into the less-discussed aspects of food culture, from an incredibly thorough history of celery to the plot to kill a sweetener that might have changed the world.


Jonathan Goldstein finds people who have unresolved issues they find themselves unable to get over and works with them to work through them with results that waiver between tear-jerking and gut-busting.

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