Cédric Dumont: 10 Podcasts to Make Every Day a Win

Cédric Dumont is a pioneer in base jumping and wingsuit flying and has been a member of the Red Bull team since 2000. For over a decade, Cédric has been helping elite athletes and major organizations worldwide grow leaders at all levels by doing things differently and showing that performance comes from purpose, passion and presence. Skills such as dealing with emotions such as fear are very transferable to any kind of environment. Cédric splits his time between leading expeditions, flying, speaking, writing and consulting for elite athletes and major companies all over the world.

I’m obsessed with sports, especially how we can apply their teachings to our own lives, making every day a win. This list of podcasts explores sports psychology, tips and tricks from legends, and inspirational stories that teach us how to achieve greatness, clear our minds, and advance our own performances in courts, fields, racetracks, and life in general.

The Adventure Stache

Professional mountain biker Payson McElveen sits down with elite off-road cyclists, Grand Prix racers, and rowers to get an inside look at what sets them apart. Payson casually gets these greats to open up about current trends in their sport, behind-the-scenes stories from their triumphs and mishaps, the tips and tricks they use to stay at the top of their game, and even harrowing tales of survival. Everyone on this podcast is someone chasing greatness. They inspire us, and they’ll inspire you, too.

Good Sport

To us, sports are everything. They have become so essential to us that they make their ways into everything we do, from work to friendships and partnerships. To steal from Dani Rojas of Ted Lasso, “sports are life.” On Good Sport, Jody Avirgan (30 for 30, FiveThirtyEight, Radiotopia) uses sports to explore the world, from the psychology that competition brings out in all of us, how we get into “the zone” on the race tracks and in our every day, and how superstition plays a role in what we do on and off the court. This is a show about sports, but also what it means to be human.

American Prodigy: Becoming Great

There’s not one solid definition of greatness, and on American Prodigy: Becoming Great, two-time Super Bowl champ and 11-year NFL vet Chris Long interviews NFLers who have achieved greatness in a variety of ways. From the iconic celebrations of Terrell Owens to Tony Boselli getting his own McDonald’s burger, it’s a reminder that we should all find our own ways to be great.

That Triathlon Life Podcast

Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or are seasoned in the sport, you’ll find plenty of takeaways and tips from pro triathletes Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay, who team up with their friend and amateur triathlete Nick Goldston to answer frequently asked questions and hang out for a great time. We feel like we’re seated at a table with friends when we listen, and are fascinated to hear the ins and outs of what it takes to push your body to not just swim, bike, and run, but pull off all three in perfect harmony.

The Sport Psych Show

We’re enthralled by sports psychology. Really, it’s why we launched Mind Set Win! And Dan Abrahams’ The Sport Psych Show is a perfect companion pod. On every episode, Dan sets out to help players, coaches, and parents by speaking with people at the top of their game to learn how sport psychology philosophies, tools and techniques positively impact participation, progression and performance in sport. When we’re pushing ourselves, we often find ourselves under great pressure, and learning these techniques has helped turn those feelings into a drive that makes us exceed our own expectations. Nine times out of ten, it starts out in the mind.

Queens of the Court

Hoops legend Sheryl Swoopes and women’s sports journalist Jordan Ligons Robinson have joined forces for this show packed with basketball history, news, information, stats, and in-depth interview segments with WNBA greats. Sheryl brings the experience from the court, and Jordan brings knowledge from the bench. You get a front row seat to learn everything there is to know about what it takes to conquer this elegant and fast-paced sport. All hail the queens (of the court!)

The Rich Roll Podcast

On The Rich Roll Podcast, best-selling author Rich Roll presents a birds eye view of what it takes to unlock the best version of yourself by tackling personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, and wellness. He talks to thought leaders with a diverse range of backgrounds—comedy, spiritual minimalism, mobility, self-healing, and more — to crack the code to self-improvement. When we are making Mind Set Win, we’re constantly thinking about how we can achieve resilience, growth mindset, and decision making in our daily lives, and we always find new things to think about when we listen to Rich Roll.

Mind Set Win

That’s us! On Mind Set Win, we ask athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Christian Horner, Ben Stokes, and Nimsdai ‘Nims’ Purja to talk us through a key moment in their career and break down the psychological approaches that made all the difference. The first season offers 28 conversations that each have their own unique spin on resilience, growth mindset, and decision making. They all get to the heart of what Mind Set Win is all about — using the tactics we find in athletics to make every day a personal best. We’re also proud of our uncut episodes, where we keep the editing to a minimum and let you hear every detail in these (ordinarily super curated) conversations.


We’re smack dab in the middle of an exciting Women’s World Cup, and to keep up on everything that’s going on behind the scenes, we tune into Snacks. Hosted by USWNT stars Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams, Snacks is the place to go to satisfy your need for even more World Cup content. Sam and Lynn keep it light and fun, and their knowledgeable back-and-forths keep our head in the game.

The Real Science of Sport Podcast

Here’s a great podcast for any sports fan who is interested in the science behind high performance and athletics in general. World-renowned sports scientist Professor Ross Tucker and veteran sports journalist Mike Finch cut through the noise surrounding the science of sport, sharing research, busting myths, breaking down controversies, and offering no-nonsense fitness information on everything from rugby, soccer, cycling, and beyond. When people are debating things like trans issues, racism in Cricket, or sexism on the field, we know we can tune into The Real Science of Sport to clear our heads, which gives us the ability to enjoy the love of the game even more.

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