Quinn Emmett

Quinn Emmett is the founder, writer, and host at Important, Not Important: science for people who give a sh*t. Through his critically-acclaimed newsletter and podcast, he wants to help you think deeply and act decisively about the world’s make or break science news, from climate to COVID, heat to hunger, and agriculture to AI ethics.

A big part of my mission with Important, Not Important is providing actionable advice and takeaways so that people feel informed and inspired to improve our future. Thankfully, I’m not the only one working to do so. Shows that inspire climate actions and conversations are providing easy to follow, entertaining, and educational perspectives on how to help our planet’s future. The podcasts in this list can teach you about the latest climate science, the small changes you can make, the innovations on the horizon, how to handle deniers, and what our future could look like.

Important, Not Important

If hearing about current issues or the future overwhelms you because you feel like you can’t help, this is the show for you. My hope in making this show is that it helps listeners understand all the science out there so that they can get past the overwhelm and feel empowered. As we discuss challenges and solutions, we’re dedicated to providing actions that you can take to get involved. We connect with some of the world’s smartest scientists, doctors, CEOs, farmers, and more to better understand the technologies, innovations, and changes that are moving us forward. That’s why our motto is ‘science for people who give a sh*t’.

10 Minutes to Save the Planet

Actionable and digestible climate-saving tips are delivered in the refreshingly fun format of this series. Co-hosts meteorologist and climate reporter Johanna Wagstaffe and broadcaster Rohit Joseph work through the UN’s 10 actions for a healthy planet, but in a way that won’t shame, overwhelm or bore you. With their banter and the mix between interviews and real-world segments the 10 minute episodes truly fly by.

Everybody in the Pool

When everything kept coming back to climate change and it was no longer a side story, but the main story, reporter Molly Wood made the switch to covering climate impact full time. Through this show she focuses on solutions. Entrepreneurs are inventing miracles; the business world is shifting; individuals are overhauling their lives; an entirely new economy is being born, and she’ll make you feel hopeful about the future.

The Climate Denier’s Playbook

This is a fun blend of research and conversation thanks to hosts Rollie Williams and Nicole Conlan, two comedians with Master’s Degrees in Climate Science & Policy, and Urban Planning. They’re here to examine the pervasive myths and misinformation campaigns that are making it obnoxiously difficult to address the looming climate crisis. They’re not just reading research to you, they’re telling it to each other like it’s the most interesting gossip they’ve heard all week and it makes for a really entertaining delivery of important information. It’ll make you want to share what you learn with others.

Living Change

This takes the conversation away from the everyday individual and focuses on changes being made by the people in charge of large companies around the world. Host Andrea Learned is highlighting what climate leadership looks like to inspire others to make their business more climate conscious. From mayors and legislators across North America, to an Emmy-winning writer/producer, a globally recognized radio DJ, and a consumer goods CFO, these folks tell inspirational stories of climate impact in their industries.

The Joy Report

Building a better and brighter future can’t happen in silos. Climate solutions and environmental justice that are grounded in intersectionality recognize the impacts felt across all groups and populations. To understand what that means, how it’s applied, and bring some optimism and joy to the conversation, Arielle King provides updates on all things climate, social, and environmental justice explained in succinct, accessible ways.


Degrees recently did a series on climate jobs and planet-saving careers, which provides really solid examples of how individuals can make a difference in their own workplaces or by switching to new ones. Green jobs are some of the fastest growing around the world and this bridges the gap to help Gen Z and Millennials learn how to find and secure climate jobs.

My Climate Journey

Making the stories of climate change and innovation personal is a powerful way to share the latest solutions and that’s what My Climate Journey does best. It combines science, technology and climate, and results in really in-depth conversations from leaders across industries.

A Matter Of Degrees

Have you ever wondered what you can do from a political perspective? From a professional perspective? From a personal perspective? A Matter of Degrees covers all aspects of climate solutions and is always mindful of how overwhelming changes can be. They’ve even touched on the psychological weight of living through the climate crisis and what you can do to protect your mental health. 

Climate Vision 2050

This brings a really fresh take to talking about climate solutions by using a mix of fiction and non-fiction. You’re transported to the future, where a fictionalized world portrays what it would be like if real solutions were implemented. Alongside the fictional story, you hear from experts about how these solutions could actually be applied and what that change would look like between now and the year 2050 when it’s all set up. 

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