🤩 We’re seeing stars and now you can too! 🤩

You will no longer need to look up at the night sky to see stars, because now you can see them right from the comfort of your very own device.

Starting in Pocket Casts version 7.43 for iOS and Android and version 3.6.8 for web, you can now see a podcasts rating when viewing its details!

But before you get lost among the stars, you might be wondering…

Where does our rating come from?

The ratings displayed in Pocket Casts are collected from a number of different third-party sources, one of which is Apple Podcasts. The data from each source is combined and processed through our custom aggregation algorithm that uses different factors to generate a refined rating for each podcast.

One of the factors taken into consideration is rating freshness, which allows our rating to be adaptive and reflect a more present and accurate value.

Because of this algorithmic magic, our rating may differ from other platforms. 

Can you add your own ratings?

Not yet 😉

How come I don’t see the rating for {insert podcast name}?

Ratings are only available for public podcasts, and may not have a rating if there isn’t enough data available yet.

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