Calling Stitcher Fans: Find Your New Podcasting Home in Pocket Casts

We were recently made aware of Stitcher’s decision to discontinue its app and website, effective August 29, 2023. We wish Stitcher all the best in their path forward, and welcome the Stitcher community with open arms.

To continue your listening journey without interruptions, you can easily transfer your favorite podcasts to Pocket Casts. To do this, simply download Pocket Casts for iOS or Android and follow the steps in How to easily import my favorite podcasts to Pocket Casts.

Here is why we believe Pocket Casts is the best choice for you:

Make it yours: Organize your podcasts in folders, create and customize your listening queue by easily adding, rearranging, and organizing episodes in the Up Next queue, apply filters (such as played, unplayed, downloaded, etc.), and star your favorite episodes. This makes managing your podcasts easier and more personalized.

Listen on any device: Whether you’re using iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Wear OS, Windows, Mac, or the web, Pocket Casts ensures a consistent listening experience across all platforms. Plus, take advantage of Pocket Casts’ compatibility with popular speakers like Alexa and Sonos, as well as in-car integration with CarPlay and Android Auto. With Pocket Casts, you have the flexibility to listen to your podcasts almost anywhere, on any device.

Advanced Playback Features. Pocket Casts allows you to adjust playback speed, trim silence, and skip intros. This can make for a much more efficient and tailored listening experience.

Upgraded Listening Experience: The app supports enhanced audio features like volume normalization and a powerful audio engine, resulting in improved sound quality for an immersive listening experience.

Discovery and Curation: Pocket Casts offers powerful discovery tools to help you find new podcasts. This includes curated lists, trending podcasts, and guest list recommendations.

How to easily import my favorite podcasts to Pocket Casts

Open Stitcher app, tap on the settings cog in the left corner and scroll all the way down to Export My Shows.

Tap ‘Ok, I’ll save it‘.

Tap Pocket Casts in the share sheet, and voila! You’re good to go.

On iOS, if you can’t find Pocket Casts in the share sheet, scroll all the way left to More and find Pocket Casts there.

If you have questions, our support team is always available to help. Please contact us at

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