Allison Raskin

Allison Raskin is a comedian, writer, mental health advocate and relationship expert who co-hosts the twice-weekly podcast Just Between Us with Allison & Gabe. Check out her Emotional Support Lady Substack and her latest book, Overthinking About You: Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD, and/or Depression

Cover Story: Power Trip (Season One)

The first season of New York Magazine’s investigative podcast is not to be missed. Lily Kay Ross takes the listener into the dangerous underground scene of psychedelics while also exposing the unethical practices being used in clinical trials. This show does an excellent job of exploring a complex topic and makes a great case for why we need better practices and regulation before unleashing these powerful drugs into the mental health field. 

Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia

Unlike most true crime podcasts, this show is hosted by people who are actually related to the potential suspect. Sisters Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro masterfully tell the story of their own mother, her biological family and the patriarch who may or may not have committed one of the most famous murders in history. It quickly becomes clear that The Black Dahlia is only one of many secrets this family has tried to keep—until now. 


Twin sisters Jessie & Clare Stephens set up a fake courtroom each week to prosecute a famous figure for their “crimes.” This lighthearted examination of human nature and cancel culture is made even better by the twins’ banter with each other. It’s always a fun ride that offers extensive details about your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities. (Apparently Justin Bieber was a horrible monkey dad.) 

If Books Could Kill

As a Michael Hobbes super fan, it’s not shocking that I love his new podcast. With co-host Peter Shamshiri, Michael takes down and breaks down a different best-selling book in each episode flawlessly exposing how easy it is to fall for something with a shiny cover. The show also gets to explore all sorts of topics while sticking to a tried-and-true format.

Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

This limited series gives the true crime treatment to some of the most notorious men to hold highest office. Each episode deep dives into a former American president, exposing bad behavior and state secrets all in one. Well produced and engaging, my only wish is that there were more episodes!

The Lost Kids

This serialized, investigative show skillfully uncovers the dangers and insidiousness of “tough love” programs for troubled teens through the lens of one missing kid. It’s an enlightening (and often infuriating) listen that stays with you after you finish all six episodes. 

This American Life

It feels weird to even put this legend on the list, but it’s a huge part of my weekly rotation. This show has continued to put out some of the best audio content year after year (even if they do lean on re-runs more than I’d like). Ira Glass and his team certainly know how to pick a compelling theme and run with it.  

Sweet Bobby

Who doesn’t love a great catfishing story? Especially when it’s expertly told and immediately sucks you in! If you have a long car ride and are in need of a binge, look no further than the true story of a lie Kirat Assi fell for for nearly a decade. 

Unraveled – Season Three

While most seasons of Unraveled dive into a specific true crime case, season three breaks format to take on faulty forensics, “expert” testimonies and wrongful incarceration. They break down why so much of what we believe to be true in court cases just…isn’t. It’s a thoughtful examination of a widespread problem making it a must listen. 

Deep Cover: Mob Land (Season Two)

Season two of Deep Cover dives into the storied life of Bob Cooley, a Chicago lawyer who ultimately gives up his high-rolling life to help the FBI take down the mob. Except this isn’t a simple story of a bad man turned good. It’s a character study of a man who lives by his own rules, even when they ruin his life. 

Just Between Us

I know it’s cringe to include my own show on here, but I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to do since 2019! In this weekly variety show, my cohosts and I deep dive into a current topic in the zeitgeist, attempt to answer a listener’s question and interview someone fascinating about their expertise (before forcing them to play a game show I created called Hypotheticals.) We bounce around from silly to serious in each episode all while creating a safe space for ourselves and our listeners. My mom loves it! 

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