Matt Ferrell

Matt Ferrell is the host of the popular YouTube channel, Undecided with Matt Ferrell, Still TBD Podcast, and the Star Trek fan show, Trek in Time.
He’s both a geek and a nerd that’s been followed by over 1 million subscribers on YouTube who are passionate about renewable and sustainable technologies. Matt’s decades of experience in UI/UX design influences how he approaches evaluating emerging technologies’ impact on our lives. He’s spoken at Fully Charged Live and has advised multiple sustainable tech startups. One of the things he’s most proud of is that he’s helped over 1,000 people add solar to their homes, which has added over 10,000 KW of capacity to the power grid.

This is a list of great podcasts that focus on sustainability, renewable energy, and trying to make the world a better place. If you’re tired of the doom and gloom that’s dominating the news, you can find a ray of sunshine through these podcasts. The ingenuity and creativity from the engineers, scientists, and business leaders that share their experiences on these shows keep me inspired.


If you don’t know David Roberts, you need to fix that right now. He’s worked for organizations like Vox and Grist and has a really great view on the energy transition and sustainability. Between the Volts podcast and his newsletter you’re going to get a wonderfully curated take on exactly what you need to know each week. A must listen.

Renewable Energy SmartPod

This is a great show that interviews people from around the renewable energy industry, so you can get an inside look at how the energy transition is unfolding by the people who are making it happen.

The Fully Charged Podcast

This is a long time favorite of mine. Robert Llewellyn, the actor from Red
and Scrapheap Challenge, covers eco-news and interviews experts from the renewable energy industry. It’s not only a great place to learn what’s happening in sustainability, but to be entertained while doing so.

Cleaning Up.

Michael Liebreich brings his expertise in clean energy, mobility, technology, and sustainability to each of his interviews. From climate researchers to CEOs, he has in-depth conversations on just about every aspect of sustainability and the energy transition.

What is the Future for Cities?

Fanni Melles is an architect who is focused on how we can design better cities and interviews an incredible array of people who are making that happen. If you’re interested in things like the design of urban transportation systems, sustainable cities, and combating urban sprawl, then this is the show for you.

Talking Headways

This is another great podcast about urban design and transportation systems. If you like nerding out on how different cities are tackling mobility, this is a must-listen.

The Freeing Energy Podcast

TED speaker, Bill Nussey and producer Sam Easterby do a great job
interviewing the people who are the disrupters behind the energy transition we’re in right now. I love hearing the thinking and motivations behind the people trying to make a positive impact on the world.

Energi Talks

Markham Hislop is a clean energy journalist who brings his interview skills and deep background on sustainability to each and every show. Much like the other podcasts on my list, I love getting a glimpse into the thinking from the experts he talks to each week.

Climate Now

Hosted by James Lawler, this show runs the gamut with interviews from experts on everything from climate science, to policy, to sustainable technologies. You’ll feel pretty well-rounded and up-to-date after listening to this show.

Still To Be Determined

My brother Sean and I try to have a good time as we discuss electric vehicles, renewable energy, smart technologies, and how they impact our lives. Much of the conversation is driven by the listeners and viewers from the Undecided YouTube channel, but you’ll also find some exclusive interviews with experts and industry leaders in sustainable technologies.

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