Shannah Game

Shannah Game is a Money Wellness Expert, Certified Trauma of Money Specialist, Certified Financial Planner, and host of the Everyone’s Talkin’ Money podcast (formally Millennial Money). Everyone’s Talkin’ Money, named a top 4 money podcast by The New York Times, is the place to learn how to view money from a safe perspective, find unique ways to overcome your unique challenges, and learn lots of other things about money that no one ever taught you. The show’s goal is to help you unf*#! your relationship with money through life-changing conversations with engaging guests. Shannah’s super relatable and always welcoming style will help you get rid of the ‘money rules’ that serve you, drop your ‘mistakes’ at the door, and step into your new way to money.

This list showcases a side of money we don’t often talk about; our emotions and relationship with money. The reason we get stuck trying to achieve a goal or finally pay off our debt isn’t that our spreadsheet or calculator isn’t working. Instead, it is usually because our thoughts, feelings, and actions toward money are clouding our ability to achieve our goals. Money success is 90% mental, so this list includes must-listen-to shows that highlight both the practical ‘how-to’ of money along with the mental ‘why’ of money.

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

Money is a taboo subject. We don’t grow up learning about it, let alone talk about it with anyone. But we need to take the elephant out of the room and start talkin’ about money. Our goal on Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is to have relevant, inclusive, and forward-thinking conversations about money that are welcoming and accessible to anyone. We cover topics ranging from anxiety and money, to how to train your brain to achieve money goals, to what is inflation and why should you care, to how to create a yearly spending plan, to why we need to close the gender investing gap. Money is personal, so you can pick and choose what works for you in each episode and leave the rest without all the fear, shame, guilt, and anxiety.

Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch is hosted by the amazing Jamila Souffrant and is a show that is all about helping listeners achieve true financial freedom. Inspired by her own path to financial freedom, Jamila shares countless stories of people paying off debt, saying no to traditional careers, and opting for different ways of life, and practical tips to cultivate a new money mindset and get in a better relationship with money. You walk away feeling inspired and refreshed after each episode.

Side Hustle Pro

It’s incredibly important to highlight the voices of black women entrepreneurs. Side Hustle Pro unapologetically shares stories of black women building businesses, growing wealth, and overcoming financial obstacles which ultimately help listeners cultivate a healthier relationship with money. In each episode, host Nicaila Matthews Okome focuses on actionable tips to help black women entrepreneurs create sustainable side hustles and works to inspire her listeners to always strive towards their passions no matter what. Not to mention, Nicaila has an incredibly
soothing and inviting voice that will leave you always wanting more after each episode.

The Mental Health and Wealth Show

Money is the #1 cause of stress and a leading reason behind so many mental health struggles in our society. Melanie Lockert is a true pioneer when it comes to talking about the intersection of money, health, and wealth. Through her own story of battling over $80,000 in debt and the mental health toll that took, she is relentless in helping listeners understand and dissect how anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, and all the other bevy of emotions around money factor into your pursuit to build wealth and create financial freedom. The show covers a wide range of topics such as depression and money, the connection between gut health and mental health, how to look at money more joyfully, and how to overcome financial trauma. It’s time we start talking about mental health and money from this show’s perspective.

Money Confidential

Who doesn’t love a behind-the-scenes look at how others manage their money and the intimate struggles they face? Money Confidential digs deep into the confidential money topics, stories, and beliefs that we all have around money and does something revolutionary – talks about it all openly. Host Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez dives deep into all sorts of money topics like how to buy a house without regretting it and I just got divorced, how do I rebuild my finances with well-researched and actionable how to’s combined with practical tips that work to better your relationship with money. The goal is to help each listener feel a sense of freedom so that we can bring our confidential money problems out in the open, process them together, and create a better path forward.

Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair

Keisha Blair has built her brand around helping people attain what she calls Holistic Wealth. Holistic Wealth is about more than your bank account balance. Instead, Holistic Wealth is about creating success in all areas of your life including financial wellness, physical health, emotional wellness, and spiritual health. The Holistic Wealth Podcast dives deep into each of these pillars offering the listener a different way to find purpose, prosperity, and happiness. One of my favorite episodes is How to Conquer Your Money Mindset and Money Beliefs, which dives deep into how complex our emotions around money are and ways to create new patterns and beliefs.

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

Gaby is a pioneer in talking about money from a different perspective. Bad With Money podcast, based on her best-selling book Bad With Money, is a show for “queerdos and weirdos” and as their podcast bio says, “you won’t get rich, but will feel seen.” Through Gaby’s humor, they draw you in always wanting more after each episode. Gaby covers traditional money topics as well as important episodes that highlight the complex and emotional side of money including The Real Costs of Transitioning, Testing Which Banks are Trans-Inclusive, and The True Cost of Abortion. We need more shows like Gaby’s that are willing to dive into these not-so-talked-about topics around money.

The Money Nerds

Forget the fancy financial jargon, The Money Nerds podcast hosted by money expert Whitney Hansen focuses on sharing real-life stories and struggles around money. This is the stuff you want to hear. Whether you want to pay off debt, start a side hustle, learn how to invest, or just feel better about your money, there is an episode for you. One episode that really had me deep in thought with a few tissues on hand was Healing Trauma Through Finances. Money trauma is a very real thing for so many of us and I’m so happy shows like Money Nerds provide a platform to explore these tricky subjects.

Good Life Project

Can money buy happiness? That is a centuries-long debate and no matter how you feel about that question, the simple answer is we all deserve happiness no matter the amount of money we have. If you’ve never listened to an episode of the Good Life Project you are missing out. Host Jonathan Fields’ voice is one of the most soothing I’ve ever heard. He of course has celebrity guests but also tackles emotional money topics like What if You COULD Take That Dream Trip, How to Be a Badass at Money & Life, and The Truth About Wealth (It’s Not What You Think) all in a pursuit to help you live a good life. I’m all in!

The Stacking Benjamins Show

Fresh, fun, and approachable is the invitation you get with The Stacking Benjamins Show. Like myself, host Joe Saul-Sehy is a former financial advisor, which brings a lot of credibility to his diverse podcast episodes. Joe’s sense of humor and approach to money is truly refreshing. If you aren’t in stitches after each episode, Joe isn’t doing his job. You’ll learn about all the ‘regular’ money topics, combined with episodes that touch on the emotional side of money that you can’t miss like How Much Naughty Behavior Can My Money Take? (so good), Hope, Riches and the Titanic, and Conquer Your “Mount Everest”.

The His and Her Money Show

If you think all things money is tricky by yourself, wait until you’re with a partner. That’s when, as they say, the rubber meets the road. Hosts Talaat and Tai are masters at helping couples get into a better relationship with money so they can have a thriving relationship (yes, please). The His and Her Money Show focuses on episodes that highlight tough conversations, success stories, and unique tips around building wealth and achieving financial freedom. One episode I personally loved was How to Create Financial Unity in Your Relationship which talked about the incredibly difficult conversations that are important to have with your partner around money. Trust me, it’s not a scary as you might think.

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