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Steph Smith joins the a16z Podcast as its new host, after years of immersion in the technology industry and as an independent creator. Most recently, she led Trends to over 15k paying subscribers at The Hustle, which was acquired by HubSpot. There, she built their creator program HubSpot Creators, starting with their growing Podcast Network.

In addition to being the author of Doing Content Right, Steph writes about technology, productivity, and remote work on her personal blog, which has been read by over half a million people. She also has her own podcast, Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School, and has built several products that have topped Product Hunt, as a self-taught developer.

Over the years, I have admittedly become a podcast addict. In particular, I’ve fallen in love with the medium’s ability to keep me updated on the most important topics – without feeling overwhelmed.

And while there are so many categories worth exploring, I’ve decided to curate a list of my favorite podcasts across the increasingly important world of technology.

Isn’t it fascinating how we live in a world that’s better than ever by most important metrics, yet progress is still met with cynicism? I mean, just consider: we have computers that fit in our pockets, reusable rockets, and AI that writes poetry… What a time to be alive!

And despite technology – both new and old – shaping so much of our collective lives, it can also be surprisingly hard to find high-quality podcasts on the subject. So if you’re just as excited about the incredible things being built by the founders of today, I think you’ll like this list, covering podcasts spanning topics like AI, semiconductors, creators, hardware, and more.

a16z podcast

Few podcasts keep listeners ahead of the curve quite like the a16z podcast does. I’m biased, as the show’s new host, but as a fan of the podcast for many years… I was always enamored by its ability to see through the noise and surface the most important topics within technology – from AI to space to climate and beyond. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d recommend starting with this episode featuring a16z cofounder Marc Andreessen, where he discusses the moral panic that has accompanied new technologies throughout history, and why there’s still much reason for optimism.

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

Originally started by well-known creator Marques Brownlee, Waveform is a wonderful step into the world of hardware. If hardware doesn’t sound like your thing, a friendly reminder that hardware has always been the precursor to software. Example? The iPhone 4’s HD camera unlocked a wave of photo-sharing apps, including Instagram, back in 2010.  That’s why I always feel like I’m getting an edge when I listen to Waveform. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d recommend their recent episode on ICANN, where their growing team of hosts discusses how we got to the pipes underlying the internet from IP to DNS, plus the 7 literal keys to the internet that still exist today.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

If you’re an audio fan, you’ll appreciate host Sam Harris’ ability to somehow speak in perfect prose. But more importantly, Making Sense is never afraid to venture into tough territory, always prioritizing asking the hard questions and seeking “truth”. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I would recommend their recent AI primer, where several experts catch you up on developments in the burgeoning space, but also discuss complexities around ethics, consciousness, and value-alignment.

Not Investment Advice

Don’t let the name fool you… hosts Trung Phan, Jack Butcher, and Bilal Zaidi always pack a punch, with incredible insights about topics that you likely won’t hear elsewhere – from the science behind Costco’s layout to the massive $80B+ franchise that is Hello Kitty. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I loved the interview with Ted Goia, where they discuss everything from the financialization of entertainment, to how music changes your body chemistry, to the parallels between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. This was one of my favorite podcast episodes in 2022, period.

Odd Lots

Odd Lots is one of the longest standing business podcasts – having started in 2015. Few other podcasts  have hosts as knowledgeable as Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal. In the last few years, the show has become a go-to resource for me to make sense of the increasingly complex supply chain and semiconductor industries. If you’re interested in the latter, I’d highly recommend this primer from Shane Parrish as well. And if you’re looking for somewhere to start, you might enjoy their most viral episode featuring Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine interviewing SBF prior to FTX and Alameda’s collapse, pressing him on his now infamous “box” analogy.

Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School

As a cohost of the Sh*t You Don’t Learn in School, I’m biased, but I think it’s a great outlet if you’d like to explore questions that are seldom covered elsewhere, with the nuance they deserve. Questions like, “Should salaries be open?” or “Why is technology so often feared?” or even “Should billionaires exist?” If you’re looking for somewhere to start, the show’s most popular episode dives into whether the 40HWW and other societal narratives still make sense, or whether they’re an artifact of inertia.

Azeem Azhar’s Exponential View

One of my favorite sources of information – period – is Exponential View’s newsletter. The newsletter keeps me on top of important technical trends ranging from micromobility to nuclear fusion to advances in green technologies. Luckily, EV’s writer Azeem Azhar has treated us with an audio complement. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you have a six-year archive on topics like flying taxis, scaling synthetic biology, quantum computing, and the future of the grid – topics that I expect we’ll see a lot more of in the years to come. 

web3 with a16z crypto

It’d be hard to find a voice more suited for audio than Sonal Choksi’s. As the long-time showrunner of the a16z podcast, Sonal has brought equal energy and intellect to web3 with a16z – a show focused on the next evolution of the web. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d recommend the recent episode with Bob Iger, where he draws on his learnings from working with top and emerging creators and shares what it really took to close deals like Marvel, Pixar, and Lucas Film. I also really enjoyed their puzzles episode!

My First Million

Although often referred to as a business podcast, I love hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri for their fresh takes on the world of business and tech, often bringing out sides of their guests that you don’t get to hear elsewhere. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, my top episode from 2022 featured Palmer Luckey, well-known for cofounding Oculus and now, defense company Anduril. They cover lots of ground, including the different startup opportunities that Palmer considered alongside Anduril, but my favorite clip features him sharing how he attracts the right kind of talent.

Huberman Lab

The Huberman Lab podcast skyrocketed into popularity in 2021, as it filled a necessary gap of bringing scientific knowledge to the masses. Host Andrew Huberman has found a way to turn complex concepts into digestible nuggets, spanning across diet & nutrition, sleep, motivation, or even the evolving world of aging. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I really enjoyed the episode on “ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus”, in particular as it dives into our biological mechanism of blinking and how it impacts our literal frame rate as we engage with the world. Bonus: check out this fun remix of some Huberman footage.

The Hustle Daily Show

The Hustle Daily Show earns the award of the only podcast I listen to daily. The show lands at the intersection of business, tech, and news, but is beloved due to their slate of four hosts Zack, Jacob, Juliet, and Rob. The hosts always find a way to insert smart little nuggets you won’t hear elsewhere – from stories of shrinkflation, to dental insurance, to the history of tupperware parties –  so you’re guaranteed to learn something new. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, your best bet is their most recent episode!

Beneath the Surface

While it’s tempting to follow the latest tech trends splashed across front pages, it’s equally fascinating to dive into the infrastructure underlying it all. The podcast Beneath the Surface comes with a fitting name, covering topics ranging from the lithium extraction, to charter cities, to the history of transportation. Produced by Stripe Press, this podcast brings the same high-quality, independent reporting as their readers have come to expect.


Nudge’s host Phill Agnew, describes his show as “behavior science, simplified.” But from my experience, Nudge is much more than that. Each episode of Nudge is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that is labeled  a marketing podcast, but is equally a mirror into our own psychology. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d recommend this episode on how Phill improved his Reddit conversion rate, with a “magic trick”.


Chemistry is perhaps the most important ingredient for a solid talk show podcast, and the chemistry between Techish hosts Abadesi and Michael is unmatched. I often find myself laughing alongside the pair. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, take a meander down their far-reaching episode list and see what draws your attention!

Plain English with Derek Thompson

It’s hard not to be drawn to Derek Thompson’s genuine interest in his subjects, which range widely from exploring the why behind falling sperm counts, to the how of carbon removal, or even as I write this, it looks like Thompson’s latest episode is called “Why There Is So Much Bullsh*t In Science.” If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I really enjoyed his discussion about why society has gotten so negative.


If you work in technology, chances are you’d heard of Stratechery – the decade long publication by Ben Thompson, covering business, strategy, and the impact of technology. Few creators manage to reach the depth of Thompson’s coverage. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, it’s hard to go wrong, but I’d recommend listening to his recent interview with Brian Armstrong on the state of crypto, after a roller coaster year for the industry. You will need a subscription to access this content!

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