Amir Blumenfeld

Amir Blumenfeld is a comedian, podcaster and basketball enthusiast. He is the co-founder of Headgum as well as co-host of the podcast If I Were You*. He’s been creating content for the internet since the late 90’s and most recently lost to his friend’s dad at tennis.

Amir here! Keeping it short and sweet: take a listen to some of my favorite podcasts to consume, guest on, and recommend to friends–from the Headgum Podcast Network and beyond!

If I Were You*

For one hour a week, these two funny bozos give advice – I love this show because I host it, but it’s actually pretty good!

No Dunks

Friendship and Basketball. The No Dunks crew has been podcasting in some capacity for nearly 20 years, and it’s just fun hearing friends chat about hoops. Especially if you like friends and hoops.

The Lowe Post

More basketball, but this one is a little more formal. Zach Lowe is a bright basketball mind that is very good at breaking down X’s, O’s, and advanced stats in a digestible way for a moron like me. Helps me sound smart when I regurgitate the information in a Reddit thread later.

Senior Superlatives with Greta Titelman

Each episode, Greta talks about high school with a new guest. They reminisce on early aughts culture and their awkward teen years. It’s full of laughs, and I was a guest! What more do you need? I’m serious.

Is This Good?

New show, and a spin-off of the No Dunks podcast, but host Matt Osten has guests on to discuss whether or not things are good. (Read Receipts? Backing into a parking spot? Researching a menu before going to a restaurant?) Opinionated serious debates about mundane topics. Great conceit/execution!


Two friends/enemies Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell have been discussing chain restaurants for the better part of a decade. These guys have a love-hate relationship with everything they do, and it’s hilarious to hear them talk about it.

Very Really Good

Kurtis Conner is a hilarious comedian hailing from Canada, and you know how much I love Canada. He does not hold back on criticism, from Adam Levine to Coldplay to TikTok surgeons and everything in between. He doesn’t hold back and isn’t scared to tell it like it is.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

As the long-time editor of my own podcast, I appreciate the passion the host Dallas Taylor and his guests have for audio and sound. Their recent Mystery Sound Game Show, a competition to guess the most sounds, makes you really dive deep into your memory while you play along. 

Perfect Person

If you need help faster than we can offer it to you on If I Were You, this show is a great first responder for all things advice. Calling Miles Bonsignore on his show’s hotline is the best way to solve your problems. I should know–I call in every day before pretty much every decision, no matter how small. They usually go to voicemail for some reason, but it’s still good to vent somewhere.

Headgum Happy Hour

This is another show I host, but I promise I’m the least important part of it! Our monthly stand up shows have been a really great way for Headgum to create and foster community in the Los Angeles and New York comedy spaces. We get to share content from some of the funniest comedians with fans who don’t always have the opportunity to attend live events like this. We hope you discover some of your new favorite creators, whether you’re there in person, listening to the audio podcast, or watching a funny clip from the show that a performer posted on TikTok.

*The If I Were You feed is now Segments (October 2023).

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