Our Favourites of 2022

Bite-sized news and history, deep dives on sports, beautiful music to relax by, and more… These are just some of the podcasts the Pocket Casts team listened to this year that made us laugh, taught us new things, and kept us thoroughly entertained!

Around the NFL

The Around the NFL podcast was the podcast I looked forward to the most in 2022. Along with the amazing banter and in-depth analysis that kept me fully informed on all things NFL, these heroes were just a joy to listen to each and every week.

Product Designer

3 Things

The articles and information help me stay informed of what’s going around in my country. With the bite-sized catch-ups, I get summaries of important stories, fast and without much flare-up.

Android Developer

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

I can honestly say the insights and knowledge I gained from The Knowledge Project have been life-changing for me. Listening to interviews with knowledgeable and accomplished people at the top of their game on various topics like the inner workings of our brains, cognitive bias, healthy habit formation, mental models, mimetic desire, decision-making, and countless others has greatly improved the quality of my work and my life, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Team Lead

Solve This Murder

While on a road trip, I was looking for something to listen to to keep awake and focused, and that’s when I found Bill and Dani’s excellent podcast Solve this Murder. Each series consists of Dani acting as the characters/describer of things and Bill as the Detective working to figure out a murder. Bill and Dani’s delightful banter keeps me coming back for more, and who doesn’t love a good who dun’ it?

iOS Developer

Today In History with The Retrospectors

Started in 2021, Today In History with The Retrospectors has continued to be a stand-out show in 2022. Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina and Arion McNicoll, a.k.a The Retrospectors, delve into a different historical event in each compact and entertaining episode. The chemistry of the trio of hosts and the fascinating subjects they choose, along with the easily digestible 10-minute format, make Today In History an engaging daily listen.

Content Curator and Podcaster Liaison


Si te gusta el cine, entonces este es tu podcast. Escuchar a Samu, FJ, Javi, Dani y compañía hablar de cine, harán que te sientas como si los conocieras de toda la vida. No os perdáis ninguno de sus especiales de cine. Como el de Hereditary, en el que desmenuzan la película hasta el más mínimo detalle.

If you’re a movies fan, then this is the podcast you were looking for. Listening to Samu, FJ, Javi, Dani and the rest of the team talking about films will make you feel as if they were lifelong friends. Don’t miss any of their specials. Like the one about Hereditary, in which they shred the movie to the finest detail.

Code Wrangler

F1: Beyond The Grid

Formula 1 grew a lot after the Drive to Survive series on Netflix. However, as an old fan, I enjoy more hearing stories and getting to know more without all the drama that the series creates. This is the Beyond the Grid podcast with interviews with the biggest F1 names: drivers, team bosses, engineers and racing legends.

iOS Developer

Football Ramble

Football Ramble helps keep me up-to-date on what is happening in the soccer world, but more importantly, it’s just fun to listen to—it’s one of the only podcasts that reliably makes me laugh out loud.

Matt C
Android Developer

Blank Check with Griffin & David

Griffin and David share their infectious love of movies, talking through directors who’ve notoriously been given a “blank check” to make whatever passion project they want. Walking through a director’s entire filmography reveals so much about their creative process, their point of view, and how movies are made. I recommend finding any episode covering a movie you like and listening to that director’s whole series.

Matt W
Web Developer

Piano + Sounds

You’ve had a busy year, so put your feet up and listen to the beautiful sounds of Elijah Bossenbroek. While developing Pocket Casts, I accidentally found this podcast and was immediately whisked off on a magical musical journey.

Android and Server Developer

Comedian v Economist

“The world of economics has an impact on so many aspects of our everyday lives.” Let the hosts Adam and his “real-life economist” brother, Thomas, break it all down and explain it for you. I say explain but possibly just make some fantastic puns and jokes on the topic. Thomas attempting the pun is a real highlight for me.

Server Developer

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