Jane Green

Jane Green is an 18-Time New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of Emerald Audio Network, a new podcast network focused on creating meaningful connection and community through female-driven storytelling. 

Rainbow Girl

I love telling stories that recreate the radio plays I grew up with. This is a six-part scripted story with a brilliant cast of actors, that sweeps you into a rock star marriage in 1979, where sex, drugs and ouija boards are about to combine with an explosive result.

The Key of Love

By Jenna Blum, this is a lovely historical romance set in Boston’s Back Bay in 1943, where a chambermaid with an unusually beautiful singing voice finds herself having to choose between two men, her fiancé off at war, or the famous composer who takes her under his wing.

Good Assassins – Season 1

Based on the true story of a nazi war criminal who ran to hide in South America after the war, but his oversized ego refused to keep him hidden, leading the Mossad to send out an assassin. Brilliantly told, it is a crazy story that is absolutely true.


I love Jake Brennan’s voice, and the way he tells stories of rock stars behaving badly. I could listen to this all day.

Root of Evil

When I go dark, I like to go very dark. This is based on another true story, told by the descendants of a surgeon who very well might have been the (still unsolved and unknown) killer of the most famous murder in LA history: The Black Dahlia. It is dark, and twisty, then gets darker and darker.

American Hostage

Another true story, but told in a narrative way, it was beautifully acted and brought the story of a desperate man who took another man hostage, to life in a knuckle-clenching way.


The follow up from the same team as Serial, this is a beautiful, tragic story of a man who doesn’t belong. Novelistic, colorful, and a fascinating slice of a life that is very different. 


A British BBC show about the paranormal and spooky happenings that cracks me up. The host makes it sound as if this is the spookiest, craziest thing that has ever happened, and whatever the show is, you will never have heard anything like it. His excitement not only keeps me listening, it keeps me laughing.

Family Secrets with Dani Shapiro

Beautifully told, beautifully produced, each week features a real story, usually based on a memoir, from someone who has discovered a life-changing secret. 

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