Amy S. Choi & Rebecca Lehrer of The Mash-Up Americans

We love listening to people who will make us laugh and cry and think. We’re driven by big questions about the how and why of who we are, as women, immigrants, moms, and humans. We also love the art of the podcast: so we’re also always eager to learn from our peers experimenting with the form and breaking through with fresh ideas and formats. This list reflects just a few of our faves!

Love & Noraebang is the world’s first telenovela k-drama romcom podcast series and it’s ours! We created this project with our partners at Sonoro and we couldn’t be more excited to share this epic modern love story — and the sights and sounds and tastes of L.A., Mexico City, and Seoul — with you. What’s your noraebang song?? 

The Self Evident team puts together gorgeous, highly produced stories reflecting the vast and deep experiences of Asian America. Whether you’re learning about a mall in the San Gabriel Valley or how Taxi Drivers fought City Hall, the stories are rich and personal and moving. 

Made by our friends at Sonoro in both English and in Spanish, Ídolo is a beautifully explored investigation of trying to understand the cultural forces that influence you. It’s also a bit of a true crime story! It’s got it all! Music, murder and mystery. Chalino Sanchez, the godfather of narco corridos, was murdered and this podcast tries to piece together what happened. 

Loooong time fans of Andrew and we love Andrew and Tawny Newsome together on the pod. They never fail to make us laugh when sometimes we want to cry (lol/cry). 

What can we say, we love big questions! Our friend Anna Sale is such a thoughtful and engaged interviewer and the breadth of topics never ceases to inspire us.  Somehow there’s always a relevant episode to suit our current Big Life Question. Climate Anxiety? You got it. Anything related to Niecy Nash? That too!

Naomi Ekperigen and her JewBoo Andy Beckerman make us LOL and we love the premise of having couples (romantic, friends, etc.) answer questions as a team or do a comedy set as a team. It’s verrrry funny. 

The folks at Radio Ambulante tell deeply reported stories from across Latin America. As much as we love the stories (the fisherman in El Salvador!!!!) we also love listening to the different voices, vocabulary and accents of Latin America.  Not a monolith! 

Slow Burn always features stellar reporting and deep, fresh perspectives from their hosts and producers. We especially loved Season 6 on The L.A. Riots, hosted by Joel Anderson. 

Farai Chideya is a woman who knows what questions to ask on some of the hardest issues of the day. We’ll follow her anywhere. 

We love to watch this  PBS cartoon with our kids. Molly is a Native Alaskan girl who is adventurous, close with her family and really interested in knowing who she is and where she comes from. The podcast is a GREAT example of translating kids content to podcasts – and even driving on a warm day in LA, it can feel like we are in the middle of a dog-sled race in Alaska. 

Mash-Up Americans are at the cutting edge of culture, and in our show we have conversations about the topics that light us up (Names! Spanglish! Dying!) and with the Mash-Ups who are changing the world (Activists! Psychiatrists! Scientists! Actors!).  You will always learn something new, laugh and feel seen. This fall, we have a special series about Grief that we cannot wait to share.

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