Introducing Folders

We are thrilled to announce that Folders, a new feature, is now available in version 7.20!

How does this feature work? First, it requires a Pocket Casts Plus subscriptionThe financial support of Pocket Casts Plus subscribers helps us to become more self-sufficient, which in turns means we can continue to improve the app you all love and enjoy. We’re always working to expand and update what’s available in the free tier of Pocket Casts, but occasionally we like to share our appreciation with paying subscribers by offering them access to special features that we build based on user feedback.

To start using Folders, navigate to the app’s Podcasts area and hit the newly added folder icon in the top bar. From there, select the podcasts you want to place in the folder you just created.

Next, name the folder — for instance, “Favorites.”

Finally, pick a color for your folder to make it stand out a bit.

Then click “save folder.” And voilà! It’s really that simple. Now you have a folder of all your favorite podcasts. You can sort items inside that folder and even enable badges if you want to see when new episodes of the included podcasts are released. To create another folder, simply repeat the steps described above.

And there’s more! In version 7.20, the order of items on your Podcasts page is synced to your Pocket Casts account (whether it’s free or Plus). For Folders users, this means your created folders will appear on Android, iOS, and our Web and Desktop apps with everything in the positions you choose.

We love this new feature, and we hope you do too. Let us know what you think!

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