Mila Atmos

A true-crime podcast about climate change that helps listeners understand how the fossil fuel industry has bamboozled the public into
believing that climate change science is unclear or undecided. Host Amy
Westervelt is a master storyteller who digs deep into the successful
green-washing PR campaigns by industry.

I love Slow Burn, and its latest season—on the history leading up to the Roe decision—is a must-listen. Host Susan Matthews shares the stories of real women, how they were punished, and the movement to gain the rights to abortion. This show offers the full picture of the stakes we face today.

It’s hosted by Rachel Vindman, Jasmine Clark, and Amanda Weinstein. They share what’s on their minds with honesty and humor, debunking everything you might be thinking about suburban women. After they have a chat together about what they’re processing that week, they also interview citizen changemakers.

This is a wonky and academic show by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy that examines what it means to live in a democracy. The podcasting team of Jenna Spinelle, Chris Beem, Michael Berkman, and Candis Watts Smith, bring both warm and thought-provoking discussions about issues in democracy.

This is the fascinating history of what it was really like in the 1970s to fight racism and help build a revolution. The story of Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, co-founders of the Weather Underground, as told by their son, Zayd Dohrn, makes you wonder what the future of a multiracial coalition could look like.

A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America. Host Dahlia Lithwick goes through the decisions and explains why they matter and how they affect your lives. This show helps me stay up to speed with what’s happening with SCOTUS.

This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts! Shankar Vedantam has taught me so much about the human mind and human behavior, from scarcity thinking and rage to reframing your reality, and so much more. The episodes are always surprising and informative. I simply love its mission to help people see the world with fresh eyes.

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