Hoja Lopez

Hot, fat, queer, & Latin! This list showcases diverse and hilarious voices discussing just about everything and anything.

Joanna and Jenny are amazing hosts! They perfectly express what it means to be bicultural. As a Venezuelan, it’s freaking nice to hear that accent in the wild too!

This podcast challenges societal norms with grace and empathy. It’s an amazing listen for anyone interested in the mental health movement. Jameela manages to deal with difficult topics head-on and unpacks the bullshit with incredible resolve and humor.

If you love science and bizarre stories then this podcast is for you. Allie covers it all!

El Cuartico is a fantastic Spanish-language podcast. The name is inspired by juice boxes kids drink in Venezuela. If you speak Spanish and like comedy, then this podcast is for you!

Sarah Marshall does amazing work telling people that they’re wrong. This show rectifies previously held notions about people and events from the past. It’s brilliant!

This show is great for anyone trying to stay on top of tech and science stories. I learn something weird each week!

Getting Curious is a podcast staple! Jonathan Van Ness is always diving into something new with curiosity and humor.

Nicole Byer is such a joy to listen to in all settings, but something about Why Won’t You Date Me? is iconic. Unafraid to ask the personal questions, this podcast keeps me on my toes.

Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are electric together. They are the perfect “culture consultants” and really shine on this show! Gay Culture meets Celebrity Culture, I THINK SO HONEY!

My favorite sisters, authors, facilitators and abolitionist geniuses Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown talk about how to deal with and survive hard things as a community, featuring stellar interviews with Angela Davis, Joey Soloway, among other brilliant intersectional leaders the podcast is truly excellent. NEVER forget to read Maree’s book We Will Not Cancel Us.

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