Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards

Grace: The hilarious Nicole Byer, who we love, talks to other funny people about relationships and just life. It’s at times raunchy, often profound and always delightful because Nicole. 

Amy: What a cool, in-depth look at women in different industries on the climb. Everyone experiences imposter syndrome, working on balance and juggling personal and professional – it makes us happy to hear we’re not alone!

Grace: This advice podcast is hosted by the wonderful Danny Lavery. He always has the best advice, and I find issues that people outside my experience have to be fascinating.

Amy: If you know our podcast, you know that the news brings us down. Sometimes it’s so whack…we need to keep processing it. This pod is on the cultural zeitgeist. It’s fun and educational! What more do you want? 

Grace: Wickedly funny comedian Solomon Georgio talks to funny people about everyday gossip. I live for the low-stakes drama because a bitch is nosy.

Amy: We’re besties, so we love listening to besties. They cover everything a millennial (or Gen Z!) woman needs to know about – and they support each other through the tough times, too.

Grace: Real-life couple and comedians Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman answer relationship questions and talk to other comics about their love lives. I always end up laughing like an insane person in the grocery store listening to this one.

Amy: Demetria Lucas is the moment!! We love hearing her skewer pop culture, talk dating and relationships and tell us about her sultry trips to the motherland. Take us to Ghana, Demetria! Please!

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