Roy Wood Jr.

He also recently appeared in a guest-starring role on the AMC series Better Call Saul and alongside Steve Martin & Martin Short in Only Murders In The Building.

Trap Nerds really lives up to its name – letting listeners nerd out over a range of topics like comic books, Anime, sci-fi, and more. Very fun and important listening for a former Jedi such as myself.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about trying to make sense of the world around me, and maybe make it better! Ron is also doing the work on Gettin’ Better – from interviewing equally insightful people, to diving into his own self-improvement journey. It’s a must-listen. 

As the name might suggest, this podcast is essential for any fan of comedy. I love Matt’s interview style as he gives listeners stripped-down conversations with the world’s biggest comedians.

This show is where my love of sports and people getting real collide. Cari dives into life-changing moments with her guests. Hearing these sports heroes be able to be so vulnerable (aka “naked”) really blows my mind.

This podcast is like the audio version of a great meal. It has something for everyone when it comes to chatting about food. Dan Pashman hosts conversations with chefs and fellow food experts, he even takes invents of a new pasta shape – no big deal! 

This was an easy addition to this list because Jesse has let me be a guest on Good One 5 times. But seriously – for all lovers of comedy, this is like a masterclass on what makes a great joke. It really is a good one.

The description for this one says it all: This podcast is like chillin’ with that friend who says what everyone wants to say but is too afraid to – times three. It’s a blast.

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