SuChin Pak

This list highlights a diverse range of programming from brilliant creative minds that bring a unique sense of lightness and joy to a troubled world.

What can I say? I adore beauty podcasts! After guesting on this show and having Jennifer on ATC, there is no doubt we take every word she says as truth.

Being Bumo is an inspiring parenting show hosted by a near and dear friend, Chriselle Lim. Her honesty is raw and refreshing, and she’s excellent at cultivating a sense of community among her listeners. 

Full stop: Jackie is absolutely hilarious. Nothing is better than relaxing while listening to her comedic takes on trending beauty products. 

Bridger Winegar, like us, is constantly finding a way to get free stuff. He’s just a little more subtle about it. He is a delightful personality who has you smiling throughout each episode. 

If you love the absurdity of reality tv, you’ll adore Casey and Danielle. They bring a high level of excitement to their chat about all the Bravo drama you can’t get enough of. 

Forever35 is an honest look at what it means to age as a woman in society and how we come to terms with this process. Kate and Doree have an undeniable chemistry that makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with your own BFFs. 

I feel so seen whenever I tune in. It’s relatable content for Asian Americans that features fantastic guests and funny, dynamic conversations on what it means to be Asian in modern-day America.

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