Filter & Sort by Duration

Version 7.11 is coming, and it’s really convenient! Sorry. Not Sorry. Version number jokes are universally hilarious, am I right? I knew it! Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about ticking off yet another of our most requested features of all time! For years now you’ve written in letting us know how there are events in your life that have a fixed time span and you want to find the perfect podcast to fill that time. Maybe it’s a regular commute. Maybe that twice weekly run. Or maybe, if you’re me, the jog is downgraded to a walk, but it’s still fairly fixed length, dammit! Well now in version 7.11 of our Android and iOS app you can do just that.

Simply create a new Episode Filter, or edit an existing one, and choose the times you’d like episodes to be between.

To make it even easier to find just the right one, you can now sort by duration as well:

Like everything else about your Episode Filters any changes you make here will be synced across all your devices.

Version 7.11 is launching today for our Android and iOS beta testers (including those in our Android open beta), and will be available to everyone else by the end of this week.

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