Touré is the host of the podcast Toure Show and the political podcast democracy-ish. He was the co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle and also a host at MTV, BET, and Fuse as well as a Correspondent at CNN. He’s the author of six books including I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon and Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? He lives in Brooklyn, with his wife and two children.

Into Blackness, a group of podcasts and episodes that dive into Black culture in really interesting ways.


A great podcast doesn’t just describe a world, it takes you into one, it transports you to another place. With 1619, Nikole Hannah-Jones and her team at The New York Times take us into a series of Black worlds and give us the feeling of what it is to be Black. This show informs us about different forms of oppression that Black Americans have had to grapple with and it does this with deeply-felt emotion that makes it seem like you’re watching a movie about the history of Black people. Hannah-Jones’s project with 1619 is to show the depth of the impact of slavery on the entirety of American history and this podcast is an experience.


Two former NBA stars—Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles—talk to their NBA friends (Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Ron Artest) and give us an insider’s perspective on being an elite basketball player. Every interview begins with the question, “Who was the first player in the NBA to bust yo’ ass?” which is delightfully humbling and fascinatingly insightful. This show gives a glimpse at the way the players look at the game. [Two episodes with Kevin Durant.]

The Combat Jack Show

One of the best hip-hop interview shows ever was led by my friend Combat Jack who had a ton of love for the culture, a lot of charisma and an easy way with people that led him to have great conversations with hiphop legends and really bring out their personalities. Jack passed away in 2017 but his show remains current and unsurpassed.


Combat Jack also hosted a multi-ep docu-series about the life and death of my friend Chris Lighty, a legendary music exec who killed himself. This is a love letter to hiphop as well as an insightful biography of an important hiphop executive.

You Had Me At Black

It’s a series of stories told by Black people about life that feels like you’re in a cafe where they’re doing a Blackcentric Month or something, and listening to an unending string of regular folks who are great storytellers.

The Heart

A beautiful, powerful, evocative series of stories about being a lesbian with soundscapes that make this a visual journey. I love the way this show makes me think about the world from a perspective that’s very different than my own and I love the sound of it—this is audio art and that aspect takes this show (and it’s predecessor The Shadows) to another level. There’s a series within the show called “Race Traitor” where the host talks about what it means for a white person to attack white supremacy.


A delightful, honest, and often painful discussion of what it means to be gay in modern America. This is another show that makes me think about the world from a perspective that’s very different than my own and helps me learn about what my gay brothers and lesbian sisters are going through at work, in their families, and in relationships.


An in-depth, through the microscope look at the music of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye and more. This is a music nerd’s show where every bit of the music is mined for meaning, giving you a deeper appreciation of the songs and the brilliant artists.


My political podcast with Danielle Moodie where we talk about politics and the election from a Black and progressive perspective. We get very passionate about politics because we see the country sliding away from reality and we’re kind of

yelling to get it back on track.

Toure Show

My three-year-old podcast where I interview Black people (mostly) about their career and their life journey. I try to get people to talk about how they have created their success so you can pull tactics and ideas for your own journey. Guests have included Zadie Smith, Malcolm Gladwell, Ice Cube, Tiffany Haddish, the Central Park 5, Nikki Giovanni, and more.

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