Myke Hurley

Myke has been producing podcasts himself since 2010, and over this time, built the Relay FM podcast network. Relay focuses on shows for the creative, curious, and obsessive – and has a roster of shows that speaks to that.

I have been listening to podcasts for nearly 15 years now, basically from the very beginning. My tastes mostly skew towards more technology and personality focussed shows, and that’s one of the reasons why the shows I produce on Relay FM have that background.

Accidental Tech Podcast

This is easily my favourite tech show of all time. Marco, John, and Casey have a wonderful chemistry and work (harder than they claim) to make one of the most entertaining and informative podcasts about Apple.

The Adventure Zone

The first 69 episodes of this show are known as the ‘Balance Arc’. While this show may appear to just be three brothers and their dad playing Dungeons and Dragons, it turns into so much more. The Balance Arc in particular is one of my favourite stories ever told. The rest of the show is excellent, but this is one podcast that you must start from the beginning.

Do By Friday

On the face of it, this show has a simple premise, ’set a challenge and complete it by next Friday’, but in execution it’s so much more. It’s hosted by two of my favourite people on the internet, and is a show full of heart as well as comedy.


This is a new show at Relay FM and is currently focused on tech products that have failed. It features excellently researched stories about forgotten things from technology past.

Mac Power Users

Publishing since 2009, MPU is one of the longest-running podcasts around. And it has truly stood the test of time. It’s incredibly interesting and entertaining, helping listeners understand how to best use the tech products they love.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

An absurdly hilarious, side-splitting show. You’ll hear no advice better given than from the McElroy brothers.


Rocket is a tech and pop culture show hosted by three women from very different backgrounds. It very frequently veers into absurdly wonderful territory, and the tech discussions feature a truly fresh perspective.

The Incomparable

This is the ultimate pop culture panel show. Featuring everything from movies, to books, to drafts. If there’s media I love, I can always find an accompanying episode to help me dive deeper.

Two Headed Girl

An emotional and incredibly eye-opening show that focuses on how lives can be changed by gender transitioning. This show, featuring recordings spanning multiple years has become something I really treasure to help teach me about something important.


MKBHD’s new podcast gives me exactly what I was hoping for – more of his truly fantastic tech insight, and a look behind the scenes of how he produces his YouTube videos.


A show full of positivity – just focused on things enjoyed by the hosts. They are also a married couple, which adds such a pleasant atmosphere to the show. No podcast can make me feel as calm as this one.

The Test Drivers

Allow me to plug my new show, featuring tech YouTuber Austin Evans. We talk about and test out the tech that’s most interesting to us right now – no matter who makes it.

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