Playback Effects

Customize your listening experience with playback effects.

What Are Playback Effects?

Playback effects are optional ways to customize your listening experience. Playback effects will automatically apply across all podcasts, but can be set at a per-podcast basis. There are three types of playback effects available to Pocket Casts users:

  • Playback speed: Slow down or speed up your podcasts. Set the speed anywhere between 0.5x speed and 3.0x speed.
  • Trim silence: Remove silence from audio without altering the cadence of the podcast host, tightening up the conversation.
  • Volume boost: Increase the volume of playback without changing your device volume.

Why Should You Use Playback Effects?

No podcasts are the same. The way you listen to them shouldn’t have to be ‘one-size fits all’. Learning a language through podcasts? Slow the playback speed down on that specific podcast. Have one podcast with a quiet host? Use volume boost to hear the host clearer. In a rush to get through an episode on a podcast? Bump up the playback speed and turn on trim silence for maximum efficiency.

Curious to see how these playback effects have changed your listening habits? You can see how much time you’ve saved on the Listening Stats page.

As October 2019, our variable playback speed feature has saved our listeners over 28 centuries (!!!) of time — 2,849 years to be precise. Our trim silence feature has saved another 638 years for listeners!

For more detail on how to set up playback effects, check out our support pages for Android and iOS.

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