Pocket Casts Forum

Is there a new feature you’re keen to see in Pocket Casts? Have you noticed something unexpected happening in the app? Would you like to tell us how much we mean to you and that you simply can’t live without us? …Well, we’d like to introduce you to the Pocket Casts Forum! 

The Pocket Casts Forum is a place where you can connect with other Pocket Casts users and the Pocket Casts support team to ask questions, get solutions, and provide feedback.

If you’ve run into a bug, or you have a question that isn’t answered by our support pages, take a look at the forum posts; your question or concern may have already been addressed! And if not, you can create a post, and our amazing Happiness Engineers will assist (we even have some helpful Posting Guidelines!).

Why use the Pocket Casts Forum?

  • It’s available 24/7 for your convenience!
  • Gain quick access to answers with an easy-to-navigate format and search functionality.
  • Receive assistance from our team of Pocket Casts experts.
  • Stay updated with posts from our support team designed to assist and inform the community.
  • Discover and share tips, tricks, and creative ways to make the most of Pocket Casts.

We look forward to helping you there, and continuing to grow the thriving Pocket Casts community!

Pocket Casts Plus Support

Pocket Casts Plus subscribers have access to direct email support; just reach out to our team through the Pocket Casts platform of your choice:

On mobile:
Go to Profile > Settings > Help & Feedback > Get in touch.

On the web player & desktop apps:
Click the profile icon > Settings > Help > Send feedback.

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