Jason Howell

Jason Howell is a tech fan, audiophile, and independent musician who loves the process of learning something new about himself and the world through quality audio content. Jason hosts podcasts for TWiT.tv and produces some of the network’s biggest shows, including This Week in Tech. He’s always adding “one more thing” to his home recording studio so that someday he can create another Yellowgold album. 

Daily Tech News Show

The definitive daily tech news show online is none other than…well, Daily Tech News Show. Thankfully, Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and the rest of the team deliver on the promise of the show’s title by summarizing the biggest tech headlines of each day and diving deeper into some of the more pressing threats affecting the tech industry as a whole. Incredible personalities, engaging and thorough coverage. Essential for tech news junkies.


Google… Alphabet… Whatever they call themselves this week, you know you’ll hear all about it on Material. Seasoned veteran podcasters Andy Ihnatko and Florence Ion spend ample time on all facets of Alphabet’s core business, including search, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and everything in between. Google makes it hard to know what products they truly care about these days, but Material helps make sense of the mess and holds them to account when necessary.


TechStuff is a podcast that offers a lot for tech fans. Deep dives into different facets of tech, as well as focused episodes on current tech news topics. Jonathan Strickland has been hosting the TechStuff podcast for a long time, and I’m always amazed at how he is constantly able to find new and fascinating morsels of the technology world to pick apart and demystify


Led by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent, Clockwise is all fun with a bit of technology and a heaping spoonful of randomness thrown in. The best part about Clockwise is that the premise (four questions, one asked by each of the voices on the show) means that no two episodes are alike. The questions are always thoughtful, the answers insightful and unexpected. Just a good time all around.

Tape Op Podcast

As a subscriber and insatiable fan of Tape Op magazine since its inception, I love this podcast because it puts voice to the things that make the magazine so great. Interviews with legends in the music production industry as well as artists who are at the top of their craft. Much of what you’ll find touches on the technological aspects of music production in large and small studios. That’s the stuff that gets me most excited. As a musician, this is an inspiration.

Song Exploder

Take a song and invite the artist to talk about how that song was created. Song Exploder is one of those ideas that I wish I could use a time machine to go back and create myself. I don’t have to because they do it so well. For example, when I listened to Adam Granduciel from The War on Drugs talk about his process from conception to finished product, I was reminded that my own production processes aren’t just my own. When I finish an episode, all I want is to be sitting in my studio with a guitar in my hand. It’s powerful, highly produced, and insightful in seemingly impossible ways. I simply love Song Exploder.

BiggerPockets Money Podcast

One thing I know about money and growing wealth is that there’s no better time than now to get started. This always felt very overwhelming to me. I first discovered BiggerPockets and fell in love with the idea of real estate investing. That led me to BiggerPockets Money Podcast that considers not only real estate investing, but all kinds of investment avenues, money management strategies, success stories, and even a healthy amount of failure. My relationship with money has improved tremendously in the five years I’ve been listening to BiggerPockets Money.

Talk is Jericho

I’ll be honest. I’ve never cared about pro wrestling. I’m not one to really nerd out on the paranormal. But I have a fond appreciation for heavy metal and horror movies. That’s the reason that Talk is Jericho gets my play. Chris Jericho interviews a lot of wrestlers, no doubt, and I skip those when they happen. But he also talks to legends like Rick Ruben, Eli Roth, Jonny Zazula, and the band Anthrax just to name a few.

Scene on Radio

In a word: Brilliant. Scene on Radio is a well-researched historical perspective on important and timely issues that affect the world. I was first introduced to Season 2 (Seeing White) which brought its impeccable storytelling to the topic of racial inequality in the United States. Since then, the podcast has focused on climate change, patriarchy, sexism, and authoritarianism. Weighty stuff, no doubt, but it’s flawlessly researched, utterly captivating, and should be required listening for all humans.

Brains On! Science podcast for kids

If you have kids as I do, then you might have a need for something fun and educational to pass the time on long car rides. That’s why my family turns to Brains On! Each episode, hosted by Molly Bloom, is like a Highlights magazine come to life. The show covers science and history topics that kids can really get excited about. Not to mention, the team does a great job of bringing their fans onto the show to ask questions and take part in the fun. Brains On! really is a delight and it’s as fun for the adults in our family as it is for the kids.

This Week in Tech

When it comes to the world of tech news podcasting, I dare you to find a show that’s been doing weekly tech news longer than This Week in Tech. I produce this show for Leo Laporte so perhaps I’m a bit partial, but its strength has always been the unique recipe of big-name panelists that changes every week, shifting the dynamics in surprising ways and always stepping confidently into the murky depths of technology and its impact on the world.

All About Android

The Android operating system has evolved and transformed the world of mobility since its inception, and All About Android has been covering it for nearly as long as the platform itself. I host along with Ron Richards, Huyen Tue Dao, Florence Ion, and a rotation of amazing guests in the Android ecosystem. The show has always been about the enjoyment of the platform, by and for geeks who really love their Android devices.

Tech News Weekly

Mikah Sargent and I host this weekly interview show where we invite our heroes in the tech journalism space who are writing the big stories that the rest of the industry is reading to talk about their research, their interviews, and their deep knowledge firsthand. It’s one thing to talk about the big news of the week, it’s quite another to hear about it directly from the people who are covering it – and that’s what we do on Tech News Weekly.

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