Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman is the host of Masters of Scale, co-founder of LinkedIn and a Partner at Greylock.  He is an iconic Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, known for his spot-on insights on how to scale an organization.

As a leader, you must be relentless about seeking inspiration and information – to get perspective on the problems you’re working on, and to step back and see the big picture around you. The podcasts in this playlist will help you learn how other people tackle problems like yours; introduce new and exciting perspectives; and – just as important – help you de-stress from your work life. And you never know what fragment of an idea in one of these episodes could become your next billion-dollar business.

Masters of Scale

Learn more about the mindsets it takes to build and grow today’s top companies, through stories from iconic leaders and upcoming stars. I host the “classic” episodes every Tuesday, where I test out counterintuitive theories about how businesses scale and succeed. And my colleague Bob Safian helms our Rapid Response episodes, fast-break interviews with leaders making big decisions.

HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review is a beacon of innovative business thinking. Their IdeaCast podcast is full of insights from leadership and management thinkers on a wide range of business topics; it’s a must-listen for growth-minded managers.

Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly

These daily episodes give you fast, real-time insights on current events and their impact on businesses and the economy. A great way to stay informed on the bigger picture around your business.

Meditative Story

With unexpected stories, beautiful music and low-key mindfulness prompts, Meditative Story is a great way to wind down and find some calm at the end of a busy day. It comes from the same company that makes my podcast Masters of Scale, and it’s a great podcast to take on a quiet walk or to play before bed.


My colleagues and I at Greylock Partners host this podcast to collect perspectives and stories from top technology entrepreneurs and business leaders. We love to interview these company builders and hear their personal lessons that shed light on the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey.

Spark & Fire

How does a creative writer, filmmaker, musician get unstuck, find inspiration, dig deep for resilience in the face of challenge? The stories in this gorgeously produced creativity podcast may give you exactly the spark of unexpected inspiration you need.

Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants covers tech’s most iconic companies (Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon) — the firms that are driving our tech scene, present and future. Listen for surprising insights and new perspectives as you hear tech history as it’s being written.

Future Perfect

From sucking carbon out of the sky to rethinking our meat supply chain, Future Perfect covers unexpected ideas with a lens on improving our world. The next wave of business leaders will face issues like climate change, social justice and public health; this podcast brings you the folks who are rising to answer the call.

How We Survive

The story of our climate crisis is interwoven with the stories of modern businesses, from historical causes to cutting-edge solutions. The first season explores the race for lithium and the economics, tech and the human stories behind it.

Design Lab with Bon Ku

One of our first guests on Masters of Scale: Rapid Response, Dr. Bon Ku tackles fascinating questions at the intersection of design, art, science and health: such as, “Does living in a well-designed city make you healthier?” and “How can surfing increase your creativity?”

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