Our Favourites of 2020

In the crazy year that was 2020, at least there was one thing we could still count on – podcasters releasing amazing content. From comedy to horror and news to music, from brand new shows to new seasons of old favourites, these are just some of the brilliant podcasts that kept us entertained, informed, and engrossed in 2020.


Scrubs is the greatest TV show of all time and the rewatch podcast lives up to that. Hear hilarious behind the scenes stories from the production of the show with regular interviews with all the stars both major and minor. Listen just to put the theme song on repeat.

Lead Mobile Engineer


My favourite genre of podcast is funny and creative host interviews funny and creative guest, so times the host by 3 and I am immediately sold! Each episode Bateman, Hayes, and Arnett take it in turns to bring on a surprise guest, creating conversations that are fresh and insightful with people from a range of industries. The hosts have brilliant chemistry and with just the right amount of smack-talk thrown in (aka a lot), SmartLess is sure to get you laughing. Episode 19 with Paul McCartney is a highlight!

Support Officer & Content Curator


I’ve been asking for years why more musicians don’t explore the podcast format – while this masterclass from George The Poet has been right here the whole time! It seamlessly blends poetry, rap, music, social critique, current affairs, meta-analysis, narrative fiction and biography – while keeping it accessible, engaging, and flawlessly produced. It’s a revelation. Have you heard it yet?

Senior Designer


My go to for news highlights. The key stories for the day with an Australian focus, but international outlook.  I’m instantly more informed and the sub 10 minute format means I don’t need to “find the time” to listen.

Chief Operations Officer


Lex hosts science, tech and industry experts on his show. I find he displays genuine curiosity and interest in the conversations, which leads to a well rounded discussion of ideas.

Senior Web Developer


Are you going crazy being stuck in isolation? What day of the week is it? Who are you? Sure I can have wine, it is nearly lunch? Put down the wine as Louis Theroux is here to save your brain. Join Louis as he calls his famous guests from around the world. From stars such as Chris O’Dowd to Helena Bonham Carter, they are all a joy to listen to.

Chief Technical Officer


Miss going to concerts? Look no more. Take a seat in your own home or wherever you like to enjoy a dose of mini live music from musicians and artists performing from their own homes, without challenging any COVID safety norms. They would have performed at Bob Boilen’s desk in the NPR office (host of All Songs Considered) but in this unique situation, they are not holding back to bring the music we need in our lives with the same enthusiasm for our entertainment. This is the audio version of the podcast, a video version is also available.

Support Officer


How to invest with just 5$? What’s an ETF? What is the FIRE Movement?  All these questions are answered in one of the best finance podcasts for beginners.

Server Engineer


Molly Wood is the greatest podcaster of all time. This was obvious in the ancient days of podcasting when she was on Buzz Out Loud and is even more painfully obvious now. It helps that this podcast is full of smart topics you can impress your friends with, but honestly, that’s second to just being able to hear Molly and Kai reminisce about the early days of podcasting.

Chief Product Officer


I love any and all things horror, so when I first found Scared To Death, I binged almost an entire year’s worth of episodes in less than a month. The show is a mix of myths and urban legends from the internet as well as supposedly true stories submitted directly by fans of the show, which means I get to hear plenty of new spooky stories I’d otherwise miss out on. Dan and Lynze are both great storytellers and as a married couple, their chemistry makes the show that much more enjoyable to listen to.

Community Manager & Content Curator


Journalist Erica Vella looks back over major news stories that captured the world’s attention in recent years. Listening to the first hand accounts really brings these emotional stories back to life. It’s particularly interesting to hear how people moved forward and rebuilt after life changing experiences such as the Chilean mining disaster.

Senior iOS Engineer


Two well-known Australian comedians are given two topics and it’s their job to work out how they are SOMEHOW RELATED. The job of the audience is to work out how their conversation is somehow related to either of the two topics! Random stories, tangential segues, just two funny men in conversation with a dash of facts in the end.

Lead Server Engineer

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