Sophia Carter-Kahn

Sophia Carter-Kahn is a freelance writer, previously on staff at HelloGiggles and BuzzFeed. She writes about pop culture, gender, media, history, and plus size fashion, and hosts the podcast She’s All Fat. She loves YA fantasy novels and always carries natural citrine and moonstone.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite pods that are “Friends of the Pod,” created by people who have made our podcast special!! We’ve either had these folks on or been on their pods, and if it’s SAF-approved, you’re sure to love these recs.


Made Of Human with Sofie Hagen

I don’t love Sofie Hagen *just* because we have the same name — I love them because they’re hilarious and excellent and bring respect to the So(ph/f)ie name. Made of Human is a casual, chatty podcast where Sofie asks her guests (comedians and medical professionals alike) how to “do life.” (Check out their standup and book, too!)

Recommended Episode: 215. J. / ComfyFat #2 – A circle-jerk for Scorpios


Friend of Marilyn

Okay, consider me a Friend of superfat activist Cat Pausè because I love this pod! Cat brings on a diverse array of fat positive folks from around the world — the Fatosphere, if you will — to chat about what’s up in Fat News. FoM is a great place to hear from new fat voices and gain a more global perspective in the fight for fat justice!

Recommended Episode: Friend Of Marilyn Episode 326 – 29-10-2020


Maintenance Phase

FINALLY Aubrey Gordon, the name behind Your Fat Friend and guest on some of our fave SAF eps, has a podcast! Aubrey and Mike are here to tell you how and why health & wellness fads are fake news, but not before investigating their cultural significance. We’re talking MOON JUICE, we’re talking DIET PILLS, we’re talking… The Presidential Fitness Test! It’s the perfect pod to send to your fatphobic Aunt Sally who sends you diet pills from her friend’s pyramid scheme.  

Recommended Episode link: The President’s Physical Fitness Test


Trust Your Body Project

This pod is like having your own personal session with your fave anti-diet dietician and her super smart friends. Whitney Catalano KNOWS trauma, shame, and body image, and on her pod, she helps you understand how these things are working against each other in your brain — and how you can combat that for the better.

Recommended Episode link: #32: 5 Steps for Surviving Holiday Diet Talk & Food Stress


The Pantry Party

The Pantry Party absolutely celebrates food and cooking from an intuitive eating/Health at Every Size perspective! Bran and Liza do an excellent, warm, informed job exploring where food lives in culture — and carving a space for pantries OUTSIDE of diet culture.

Recommended Episode link: S1 Ep 3: Life with Dani Galvin


Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

Food Psych is one of the only “health & wellness” podcasts going against the grain and centering fat activists and anti-diet health practices. Christy Harrison talks to Anyone Who’s Anyone in the body liberation movement, and you won’t go an episode without learning something new, be it from a psychology professional, fat lib activist, or even other podcast hosts. Christy’s interview style is like talking to your calmest, chill, warm friend.

Recommended Episode: Diet Culture’s Racist Roots with Sabrina Strings, Sociologist and Author of Fearing the Black Body


Call Your Girlfriend

Who could say it better than “the pod for long distance besties everywhere”? Ann and Amina are writers on opposite coasts, and their catch up calls are just like yours, plus an audience and incredible activists, politicians, and authors. We stan!

Recommended Episode: How We’re Coping


Rebel Eaters Club

Rebel Eaters Club is a podcast and also so much freaking fun! Like they say on their website, REC is more than just audio… it’s an EXPERIENCE. Their website has a whole print-out manifesto against diet culture complete with stationary and cut-out buttons. All brought to you by the author of You Have the Right to Remain Fat, Virgie Tovar.

Recommended Episode: All Food is Good Food with Mia Feuer


Almost 30

This pod is for you even if you’re not “almost 30—” it’s a vibe, it’s a mindset, it’s a fun chatty space!! Almost 30 can feel like you have two older sisters holding your hand into adulthood, and it can also feel like your friends from camp are back in your life with stories to tell, plus new friends to meet.

Recommended Episode: Alok Vaid Menon: Self-Expression is The Medicine



Our listeners know that I’m obsessed with skincare — and this pod is HERE with the tips!! Kate and Doree (“two friends who love to talk about serums”) bring on guests like Nicole Byer and Samin Nosrat to chat about self-care and get product recommendations! Yes products!!!

Recommended Episode: Ep 61: Talk It Out with Nicole Byer

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