Standalone Apple Watch App

Standalone Apple Watch playback, or Watch Play Source, is a Pocket Casts Plus feature that gives you the ability to listen to episodes on your Apple Watch Series 2 or later, without needing to have your iPhone with you! All you need is a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Let’s guide you through the set up process…

First up, sign in to your Pocket Casts Plus account on your iPhone.

To install the Pocket Casts watch app:

  1. Open the Apple “Watch” app on your iPhone.
  2. In the list of “Available Apps” find Pocket Casts and tap “INSTALL”.

To start using the Pocket Casts Watch Play Source
(for the smoothest experience, put your watch on the charger and place it close to your iPhone during this process):

  1. Open Pocket Casts on your iPhone
  2. Open Pocket Casts on your Apple Watch. The Pocket Casts watch app will then request your account details from your iPhone and attempt to log in automatically. Typically this will take a few seconds and if successful, your email address will show on the Play Source screen and the “Watch” Play Source will be unlocked (the Plus symbol will disappear).


    If the Watch App doesn’t automatically log in:

    • Ensure that the iPhone app is open and then press “Refresh Account” in the watch app.
    • Ensure your Apple Watch has a good internet connection.
    • Ensure the iPhone app has your correct login details (email address and password). If you have previously changed these details on another device, try logging out and back in to your account.
  3. The watch will begin to sync all of the subscriptions, episodes, and filters in your account. This initial sync will take some time to complete (it can take up to a couple of hours), and as the saying goes “a watched pot never boils”, so enjoy your favourite distraction while the process completes.
    It’s best to ensure the watch has a reliable internet connection during this time.
    Note: Only the initial sync takes substantial time. Subsequent syncs take only a few seconds!
    During this time, the Podcast list will show no, or an incomplete, subscription list and Filters will only show the 3 default filters. It’s best to avoid pressing the “Refresh” button as it will have no effect on the actual refresh (it will only update the “Last refresh” time on the Play Source Screen).
  4. Filters are the final thing to sync, so check the filters list on your watch, and compare it with the filters list on your phone. If the last filter in both lists matches, then sync is complete.

Now get out there and get listening!

For more tips and tricks, check out our Apple Watch support pages.

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