With podcasts made to be an on-the-go medium, it helps to have them downloaded and ready to go whenever and wherever you are. With the option to download podcasts, you’ll never need to worry about slow buffering or accidental data use. Today we’re learning all about how to download your favorite podcasts.

Manual Downloads

There are two main ways to manually download podcasts. When opening an episode card, you’ll see the download arrow. Tap this to download the episode you’re looking at!

You can also set your Row Action to be “Download” so you can download episodes directly from the list view. To do this, go to your Profile tab > gear icon > General > Defaults: Row Action > Download.

Auto Downloads

Want to have your podcasts download automatically? We have a few options available for you! If you have a favorite podcast that you want downloaded as soon as it’s available, go to that podcast’s page > gear icon > toggle “Auto Download” on. While you’re at it, you can also set the podcast to automatically add to your Up Next queue.

Do you prefer to do all your listening offline? You can set Pocket Casts to automatically download anything that is added to your Up Next queue. To do this, go to your Profile tab > gear icon > Auto Download > toggle “Up Next” on. Now any podcasts you play or queue up to play will download automatically.

Where are my unsubscribed downloads?

For a full list of your downloaded episodes, regardless of podcast subscription, you can go to your Profile tab > Downloads.

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