Android 7.9 Update

In our never ending quest to find out what happens after a .9 update, we’re proud to share our 7.9 update with you. This update is beginning rollout to beta today, and will go into production shortly after. Will the next one be 7.10? Will we just keep adding numbers until we have 7.9.42? Only one way to find out! But enough meta about release numbers, let’s go through some highlights.

New Theme: Radioactivity

Have you been pleading for a pipboy? Do you go ga-ga for a geiger counter? Craving a cathode ray? Then our new Radioactivity theme is for you! Yes, as you probably noticed we did go a bit OTT, but it’s worth it. This is a Pocket Casts Plus only theme, because those are some of the most OTT people we know.

New Icons

We know home screens are a very personal thing. Some of you arrange them by functionality. Some of you seemingly at random, but the people we love best, are those among you that arrange them by colour. To those people we present our latest 4 new icons:

For those that kept asking for an Indigo icon, please enjoy. We promise to include icons for new themes we release in future and we’ve learnt our lesson. That’s why there’s a Radioactivity one baked into this release as well. But can we take a moment to talk about Pocket Cats? A fun week long icon experiment turned in to quite a few people asking for this as their app icon. Well here you go! And finally Red Velvet, for those among you that have always wanted a 3D version of our icon, for your display cabinets.

Account Manager

Version 7.9 now supports Android Account Manager so that like your other accounts, your Pocket Casts one will now appear in the accounts area of the settings app. A small thing, we know, but it’s always important to be a good citizen on every platform you’re on.

More Fixes than a Fixie

Yes, indeed, more than one fix. These include download improvements, casting fixes and lots of performance improvements. Once again a big shout out to all our beta testers who help us track down these bugs and make everyone’s experience smoother and faster.

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