Custom Files

Add your favorite audio and video files to Pocket Casts so you can experience everything in one place.

Whether you have a backlog of podcast files, recorded lectures, or audio books that you’re looking to get through, let Pocket Casts store all of your files for you. You’ll get the ease of doing all your listening in one place, as well as the option to apply all your favorite Playback Effects to your files.

If you’re a Pocket Casts Plus subscriber, you can use cloud storage to sync your custom files across multiple devices. Start listening on your phone and effortlessly switch to listening on your desktop. Find a full list of supported file types here!

Custom files must each be below 1GB. Pocket Casts Plus users can store up to 10GB of custom files.

For iOS:

If you have come across an audio or video file that you’d like to enjoy, you can do it on Pocket Casts. To add these files, choose to share the file. In the share menu, pick “Save to Pocket Casts”. Once you have confirmed the file name — Pocket Casts uses the actual file name by default — it will be added to Pocket Casts.

For Android:

Have files downloaded onto your phone and want a place to play them? Go to your Profile > Files > plus symbol. This will allow you to browse the files on your phone and select which one you would like to upload to Pocket Casts. After you’ve confirmed what the file is named, it will be added to Pocket Casts.

For Desktop:

With the web player, you can simply drag your files into Pocket Casts and this will automatically active the file upload process. You can also click on the Profile icon > Files > Upload New.

If any custom files have a compatible image embedded, it will be displayed. Pocket Casts Plus subscribers can set a custom image for files on all devices or choose from a selection of colorful file images.

For even more information on Files, you can check out our support pages for iOS, Android, and the web player!

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