Cat Pockets

We live in interesting times, but from the perspective of a cat in a pocket, life moves at a different pace. Sometimes it zooms, sometimes it sits where it fits. Life is fluid. These podcasts are an acknowledgement of this new movement. We call it, Cat Pockets.

It’s purrrfect, like a deep rumble that scratches at just the right spot in your auditory canal. With the help of Breakmaster Cylinder, we’ve launched six new pawdcasts that are definitely real and will 100% be the best thing to clean your ears to. We’re hoping these will leave you feeling pawsitive in these trying times. Get ready for a hissterical list of unfurgettable moments. We hope you’ll enjoy sinking your murder mittens into them as much as we did kneading them into existence.

All Bino

From Bald Move and Cat Pockets

You know that feeling when you are listening to a podcast and you want to move on to another, but changing the episode is just too much. This podcast is for you; just switch your headphones! Two conversations, one episode. You’re welcome.

Losing LeeLee

From Dyking Out, Lipstick & Vinyl and Cat Pockets

Whatever happened to the lovely Leelee Sobieski? Did she get lost in a pair of traveling pants and end up marrying Ryan Reynolds? No. Did she give up a career as a romcom star to be the brand ambassador for a comfortable activewear company? Nope. Does she work as Gwyneth Paltrow’s lookalike for double booked Goop events? Maybe. All your questions are answered in this mini series.

Calling my dad

From Headgum and Cat Pockets

We all know, dads are the best. Go call yours. Then listen to this podcast where Reilly Anspaugh and Geoffrey James call their dads and feel the love. Or maybe just Reilly Anspaugh does, but you know, Geoffrey’s dad loves him. We’re sure.

Judge a Book

From podcastgod and Cat Pockets

Judging a book by its cover can only lead to good things as you know. Evan and Taylor look at a book and decided how fantastic it is based on the glossy finish. Plus, they stay best of friends in the process. Take a listen.

Live From Hollywood

From More Banana and Cat Pockets

If you’ve always wanted to try stand up, this is the inspiration you need. These episodes of sets done for an audience of cats are the most relatable content on the internet right now. Do as this fabulous podcast does. Stay home and give your furry friends a show. If you’re feeling lazy, just listen to someone else do it.


From Lower Street and Cat Pockets

When you make podcasts, they come easy. Every episode idea, every interview, every word just flows out and no podcast creator has ever spiraled out of control. Luckily this podcast host has a little bit of a challenge from his boss to spice things up. We’re sure he’ll knock it out of the park. You go Glen Coco!

Thank you to all the wonderful Networks who agreed to do this fun project with us to give our audience the laugh they need right now. We hope these shows gave you a few minutes of reprieve from the pandemic. Stay home, stay safe and stay positive. Love, Cat Pockets.

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