Episode Grouping

A little bit of organization goes a long way.

What is Episode Grouping?

Episode Grouping is the option to set an individual podcast to group episodes into set orders. The current grouping options include: Downloaded, Unplayed, Season, Starred.

Why should I use it?

Some podcasts are broken up into seasons, with a set topic for each. Other podcasts have 500 episodes with no clear breaks in between. No matter how your favorite podcasts choose to organize their episodes, you should be able to organize them in your own way. Whether that means having all your downloads listed at the top or seeing a podcast season by season, it’s up to you!

Want every podcast feed to be grouped the same way? Go to your Profile > gear icon > General > Podcast Episode Grouping. Prefer each podcast to be grouped differently? Go to an individual podcast’s feed > tap the three-dot icon > Episode Grouping.

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