Up Next queue

Organize what you’re listening to next with the Up Next queue.

What is the Up Next queue?

Up Next is a playlist that allows podcast episodes to be queued for continuous playback. This allows you, the listener, to pick the order in which you want to hear your podcasts.

Why should you use and organize your Up Next queue?

Sometimes you want to binge an entire series. Sometimes you want to mix it up and listen to all of your podcasts regardless of release. Up Next allows you to create a queue that plays the podcasts you want to hear in the order you want to hear them.

Looking to binge your new favorite show? You can use multi-select to select all of the episodes of that show, then choose to add them all to your Up Next.

Do you want to have all of your favorite podcasts automatically appear in your queue when there are new releases? Go to the podcast’s page > gear icon > Add to Up Next > choose to ‘Play Next’ or ‘Play Last’ to have them at the top or bottom of your Up Next queue.

Looking to rearrange what’s in your queue? Now you can open multi-select within Up Next to adjust multiple episodes at once, choosing to rearrange, download or remove several podcasts instantly.

For more detail on how to organize and update the Up Next queue, check out our support pages for Android and iOS.

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