Clean up your filters, podcast feeds, and downloads with Archiving.

What is Archiving?

Archiving is the main way to clean up your filters and maintain your podcast feeds. When you choose to archive an episode, you are removing it from your Filters, hiding it from the podcast’s feed, and deleting the download file if there is one. Archiving does all this without changing the podcast’s play status. Archived episodes can be unplayed, in progress, or played – meaning you can clean up your feeds and maintain a history of what you have actually listened to.

Why should you use Archiving?

Do you have too many podcasts and not enough time? Have a daily (or even hourly) podcast where old episodes are outdated as soon as a new one appears? Want to limit what shows up in the filters you’ve created? Archiving has you covered.

For your hourly news podcast, set the custom archive limit to only keep the latest episode – you don’t need old news taking up space in your filters.

For the episodes you know you’ll just never get around to, manually archive them with a quick swipe right.

For your downloaded episodes, set them to archive after playing so that you never need to worry about running out of storage space on your device.

And if you decide to finally come back to that episode you archived so many months ago, unarchiving is just one swipe away.

For more detail on Archiving, check out our support pages for Android and iOS.

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