Let the app organize your podcasts with filters.

What Are Filters?

Filters are for organizing your podcast episodes. Filters allow users to create specific parameters to find episodes within their subscriptions and allow users the opportunity to organize podcast episodes into set categories.

Filters can only show episodes of subscribed podcasts. If episodes are archived, they will not appear in the Filters tab.

Why Should You Use Filters?

When you subscribe to numerous podcasts, finding what you want to listen to can be overwhelming. Creating filters will help narrow down all of your subscriptions into specific parameters, making it easier for you to pick what to listen to next.

If you enjoy listening to music podcasts at the gym for your workout, you can create a filter just for that. Once you’ve added all of your favorite music podcasts to a filter, you can customize which episodes of those podcasts will appear in the filter. Pick episodes from last three days, pick to only show downloaded episodes, exclude any in-progress or played episodes. Once all of the parameters are set, you’ve got yourself a list of podcasts ready to play for your workout.

Don’t stop at just a Workout Filter – do the same for your Weekly Chores Filter, Walk the Dog Filter, or Bedtime Filter. The use cases are endless and it’s all up to you!

Example Filter

Check out this Daily Commute Filter we’ve made: gather all your unplayed news podcasts from the last 24 hours together in one list. Add them all to your Up Next queue and you’ll be ready to start your commute every morning listening to episodes found in your Daily Commute Filter.

For more detail on how to set up filters, check our support pages for Android and iOS.

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