Michelle Buteau Learns to Adult

Last week, WNYC Studios launched Adulting, a brand new comedy podcast with the talented Michelle Buteau. Buteau previously hosted Late Night Whenever, and she’s now teaming up with her longtime friend Jordan Carlos to figure out how exactly to be an adult.

Throughout the season, the pair will host an array of funny guests offering tips on how to grow up. Jim Gaffigan, Phoebe Robinson, Wyatt Cenac and others will tackle tough questions on issues like paying taxes, raising kids, and paying rent on time, plus pop culture topics like Netflix and Venmo. Oh, and it’s all recorded in front of a live studio audience, adding to the hilarity.

In the first episode, Michelle and Jordan explore the acceptable amount of money to spend on pillows. Plus, they plan guest Naomi Ekperigin’s wedding, hear a muppet impression from Wyatt Cenac and get bathroom etiquette tips from WNYC’s own Phoebe Robinson. In episode two, the hosts tell traumatic childhood stories, from Chris Distefano and ask Jim Gaffigan about why he has so many kids. You can listen to the first two episodes now in Pocket Casts, or find the show featured under the Discover tab in our app.

We talked to the duo about the show, how a podcast compares to standup and what they’ve learned about being adults.

Who was your favorite guest to record with this season?

Michelle: I can’t answer that. All our guests are like little snowflakes, and they add so much to the show. Picking a favorite guest would be like picking a favorite Prince song – you can’t do it.

How does a comedy podcast compare to other forms, like standup?

Michelle: Podcasting is great because it feels like a speakeasy of emotions where you can just put it out there and you don’t know who’s going to listen. But you hope that they do.

Jordan: Well, with standup you’re performing solo but with our podcast we are a duo. You can rely on your partner and vice versa. With a duo at least you bomb together!

Michelle, tell us more about Jordan

Michelle: Jordan’s a good guy. He’s a husband, a dad, a son, a brother. He takes his responsibility seriously and he’s a good friend. And he’s also funny to boot.

What’s it like to tape the show in front of a studio audience?

Michelle: The live audience is a big part of our show. We get together in a dark basement in Brooklyn for a couple of hours. We talk. We answer their questions about adulting – and they have some crazy questions! It’s like group therapy.

Any funny moments to share from the episodes you’ve recorded so far?

Jordan: We had a guest running late and then randomly Danielle Brookes, (who plays Tasty in Orange is the New Black) was in the crowd, and just got up and filled in.

What’s the best grown-up tip you’ve received so far?

Michelle: If you’re going to a dinner party, don’t be more than 10 minutes late. Bring wine that’s either chilled or very expensive and tell people how it expensive is. And ask if you can take your shoes off. Also, if they need help cleaning up afterwards, even if they say they don’t need it, just help.

Do you feel like you have a degree in adulting now?

Jordan: Maybe one from DeVry.

You can listen to Adulting now in Pocket Casts. Stay tuned for new episodes every Tuesday.

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