Pocket Casts Mobile Apps Are Now Open Source

We are overjoyed and proud to announce that the Pocket Casts mobile apps are now open source!

We’ve been eager to take this step since we joined Automattic last year — after all, the company’s creed includes the phrase “I know that open source is the most powerful idea of our generation.” We believe that podcasting can not and should not be controlled by Apple and Spotify, and instead support a diverse ecosystem of third-party clients.

Launched in 2010, Pocket Casts has quickly become a standard in the podcasting industry due to its groundbreaking features for podcast listening, searching, and discovery as well as its streamlined design and customization options. Now, everyone can help make it even better by reporting bugs, suggesting new features, and submitting Pull Requests for current issues. We opted for Mozilla Public License because we want to encourage all developers to share the modifications they make to the code. Meanwhile, the Pocket Casts team will keep adding new features, fixing bugs, and expanding our Plus offering.

Make sure to check out our repositories, Pocket Casts iOS and Pocket Casts Android. We look forward to building the future of Pocket Casts — together.

The Pocket Casts Team

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