Inverse Multi-Select Actions

If you’re anything like me, you star and download way more episodes than you could ever possibly get around to listening to, unless maybe you quit your job (to my boss if you’re reading this: I promise I won’t quit so that I can listen to podcasts all day). Or maybe you’re the opposite and you’ve run out of new things you feel like listening to, and want to revisit a favourite podcast instead!

Well, with the upcoming release of version 7.12 we’ve made it a whole lot easier to use the app how YOU want to; inverse actions have now been added to multi-select mode so you can un-star, un-archive, mark episodes as un-played, and remove them from Up Next, as well as being able to remove their download files, all in bulk.

To enter multi-select mode in your Up Next queue, just tap the Select button / Multi-select icon in the top-right corner. Or in any other episode list, simply long press on any episode.

From there, select the episodes you wish to take an action on, and tap your chosen action in the toolbar or within the three dot menu. As well as being able to select episodes individually, or by using “Select All”, another handy option is to long press any episode while in multi-select mode to bring up “Select All Above” or “Select All Below”.

Version 7.12 is now available on iOS, and in open beta on Android.

Check it out in action here:

A short video demonstrating inverse multi-select actions
Un-starring, archiving then un-archiving, and marking as un-played.

Pro-tip: Did you know that on iOS you can enter multi-select mode using a two-finger pan gesture? Just swipe down on an episode list with two fingers to select multiple episodes with ease.

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