With so many podcasts in the world and so little time to listen to them all, you shouldn’t settle for performing actions one at a time. When you want to perform bulk actions, multi-select is exactly what you need. The feature has long been a staple in our Android app and with the release of version 7.10, iOS users now get to enjoy it as well.

Looking for info on how to use multi-select in your Up Next queue? Check out our blog post about the Up Next queue here.


To open multi-select, go to any podcast or filter you’d like to adjust in bulk and long-press an episode. From here, you have a few ways to select the episodes you want. You can individually tap each episode you plan to interact with. You can also long-press an episode within multi-select to choose either “Select all above” or “Select all below”. The last way to select episodes is to tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and tap “Select all”.

Now that you have your episodes selected, choose which action you would like to perform. From left-to-right, the actions available in the Up Next toolbar are:

  • Download
  • Archive
  • Mark as played
  • Add to Up Next
  • Select all/Select none

Just tap on the action you want to perform and all the episodes you had selected will have that action applied.


The steps for using multi-select on any iOS device are almost the same as Android, with some key differences. To open multi-select, long-press on any episode, either on a podcast’s page or in a filter. You can also open multi-select by tapping the three dot menu > Select Episodes, or by using iOS’s native two-finger pan gesture. To select the episodes you can either individually tap them, tap “Select All”, or long-press an episode to “Select All Above” or “Select All Below”.

With iOS’s multi-select, you can customize the action bar to include the two actions you use the most. Once multi-select is active, tap the three-dot icon in the action bar and select edit. You can now long press each action’s handle to drag and drop the actions into any order you choose. On iOS, the actions include:

  • Play Next
  • Play Last
  • Download
  • Mark as Played
  • Archive
  • Star Episodes

With your actions in place and all the desired episodes selected, just tap the action you’d like to perform and have it apply in bulk.

Check out multi-select in action:

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