Customizing Your Experience

We’ve covered a number of major features that help to make your Pocket Casts experience unique, such as Filters, Episode Grouping, and Playback Effects. But what about all the little details? Let’s get into the tiny features that help to truly customize your Pocket Casts experience.


Light theme? Dark theme? No matter which is your preference, Pocket Casts has you covered. Go to Profile > gear icon > Appearance to see the different themes you can use. There are two free light themes and two free dark themes available for all of our users! Pocket Casts Plus subscribers have access to an additional dark theme and an additional light theme.


Want to quickly switch between light and dark themes? Long-press a page header to switch to the opposite theme.

While you’re still in the Appearance tab, you can also change the app’s icon! You can once again choose between light and dark theme icons – or, if you’re a Pocket Casts Plus subscriber, you can pick from one of our more colorful icon options.


Do you have a podcast that plays the same intro and outro music for every episode? Tired of skipping your way through the end credits every time? Pocket Casts lets you skip intros and skip outros! Within a specific podcast’s page, tap the gear icon and you’ll see the ‘Skip First’ and ‘Skip Last’ options. Set them for each podcast to streamline your listening habits.

Speaking of skipping, you can also customize the default amount you can skip forwards or backwards. Go to Profile > gear icon > General > Player. From here, you can set a custom ‘Skip Forward’ and ‘Skip Back’ time. This will let you fast forward and rewind the exact amount you want to.

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