Marques Brownlee

Marques, aka MKBHD, is a tech YouTuber with over 10 million followers and the host of the Waveform podcast. He curated a list of his top 10 podcasts for us, and here is why he loves them. You can check out the list here or in our Discover page this week.

Reply All

Haven’t missed an episode of Reply All in a long time. First episode I ever heard was a gigantic multi-part series where they investigated the origins of a robocall to a call center in India that involved them actually flying there to try to find who had called them. Unreal. In other episodes, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman explain tweets, talk internet culture, attempt tech support, and investigate other quirks of modern life in the most entertaining way possible.

The Vergecast

A classic tech chat show from some of the smartest in the game. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul of the Verge talk through and make sense of the week’s biggest tech news, and then host a weekly interview of some of the biggest leaders in tech. USB-C.

Why’d You Push That Button

But for real though, why’d you push it? You ever think about it? Ashley and Kaitlyn explore the real choices tech forces you to make in everyday life. What keeps people on Snapchat? Why do you slide into DMs? Why do you promo your tweets? Every season is fascinating.

Pull Up w/ CJ McCollum

I watch a lot of NBA basketball, and there are plenty of commentary podcasts for that. But a regularly updated podcast directly from one of the most prominent guards in the western conference that regularly features fellow players, coaches and basketball personalities, is a must-listen. It’s the exact opposite of the canned, non-answers you hear an NBA player typically give a reporter after a game. This talks basketball opinions, style choices, league controversies, referees, player trades, etc. Thank you, CJ.

That Creative Life

Fellow YouTuber Sara Dietschy hosts candid conversations with creators, artists, entrepreneurs and people all over the industry on how/why they turn their hobby into a profession and live their best creative life. Which is what I try to do! My favorite is the candid conversations about the strategy behind running different types of channels. I’ve been so fully immersed in tech for the last decade, so it’s refreshing to hear the perspective of a beauty YouTuber, or gamer or vlogger and how they work with the algorithm, companies in the space, etc.

Off The Pill Podcast

OG YouTuber Ryan Higa and his co-hosts speak with a new guest every episode, often with unexpected creators and social media stars for down-to-earth conversation and occasional storytelling. It’s my favorite casual podcast. And I don’t say OG YouTuber lightly – Ryan’s perspective as a truly first generation full-time YouTuber guides the conversations with other creators in a curious and educational way. I’m not calling you old, Ryan, I’m just saying.

A Conversation With

Fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco hosts creators every week and flows through well-researched, interesting questions about work, life, and everything in between. I think Phil might be the best…talker I’ve ever heard? Does that make sense? Phil’s able to ask questions that the guest hasn’t yet heard, but ties into others they’ve already answered. Reminds me of Sean Evans and Hot Ones. Good questions, Phil!

Joe Rogan Experience

This one needs no introduction, right? Comedian, UFC host and conversationalist Joe Rogan seems like he can talk for hours to anyone about literally anything. Which makes it great for hours of conversation with actors, politicians, astrophysicists, athletes, and everyone in between. Honestly you can listen to the episode with Neil Degrasse Tyson 3x in a row, back to back and still not absorb everything that’s being said. Not that I’ve done that. It was only twice.

Recode Decode

Clearly Kara Swisher has no fear at all whatsoever. She regularly interviews many of the most influential and interesting people in the tech world and grills them on their recent behavior, their stance on big tech issues and much more. I’ve never heard anyone else with Kara’s interview style, which comes directly from the respect she commands.

Ride the Lightning

Been listening to Ryan McCaffrey’s “unofficial” Tesla podcast that’s interviewed Elon, Franz, and many others for a while now. I already watch plenty of electric car videos, but this weekly podcast keeps me up to date more than anything on the minutiae of one of the most interesting companies in the world.

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