Holiday Episodes

Get into the holiday spirit with a few of your favorite podcasts. From dissecting your favorite holiday movies to the science of reindeer, these episodes will last you a whole car ride to your in-laws. If you need a soundtrack while wrapping your gifts, add these to your queue and get started. But keep in mind, there are some Santa spoilers in here, so if there are kids around make sure to pop on headphones.


Miracle On 34th Street

Every December, the Rewatchability hosts take on holiday movies. In pervious years they’ve watched Jingle All the Way, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. This year, they watched The Family Man, The Holiday and our episode pick Miracle on 34th Street. Keep an eye out for their next holiday episode with Reindeer Games.

Who Shot Ya

X-Mas Bonanza! ‘Scrooged’ and Alonso’s ‘Top 5 Christmas Movies of the Year’ with Special Guest Santa Claus

If you still need more movies, we’ve got you. Alonso Duralde, author of Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, revealed his top 5 Christmas movies of the year. He watches every Christmas movie so you don’t have to. Keep your ears peeled for a special appearance from the jolly man himself, Mr. Claus.

Hills I’d Die On with Taylor Cox

It’s Unethical To Tell Your Kids Santa Is Real: Ali Gusberg

Speaking of Santa, is it bad to tell your little ones about him?  Ali Gusberg is all aboard the no Santa train on this Hills I’d Die On episode. Find out why the tooth fairy isn’t all that bad, but Santa is tradition she’d rather not be a part of.

Raising Good Humans

Drew Barrymore and Dr Aliza Pressman and the holiday episode

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Dr. Aliza and Drew Barrymore talk about teaching your kids to be generous all year round. Maybe believing in the magic of giving is a good reason to keep the Santa tradition alive. If talking about Santa in a way that promotes good behavior can help kids grow, should we let kids believe? Take a listen and find out.  

Life Kit

Holiday Survival Guide: Family Style

Keep the holiday cheer and lose the holiday family stress. This episode give you tips and strategies for dealing with family relationships during the holidays. Life Kit also has handy holiday episodes like Dealing With Holidays At Work and Is It OK To Lie About Santa And The Tooth Fairy? Deep breaths and remember, this joyous time is but once a year!

Tiny Desk Concerts

Los Lobos Holiday

If you are already tired of the classic Christmas songs that are on constant repeat in every store, coffee shop and lobby this season, check out Los Lobos Tiny Desk performances for a new holiday bop. They perform songs from the Latin holiday song book that will have you swaying to a new tune this Christmas.

The Good News Podcast

Christmas! Gifts! Good News!

Tis’ the season for good news. Get three stories of Christmas miracles in less than 10 minutes that include giving, giving and more giving. If you still need some good news content, listen to the episodes, Katie’s Christmas Movies and Katie’s Carols Megamix for a good laugh.

Stuff You Should Know

The SYSK Holiday Spectacular

If you loved the Spooktacular episode from our Halloween list, you love this holiday spectacular episode. Hear stories of Santa Claus as a psychedelic mushroom, the flop and rise of It’s A Wonderful Life and Christmas tree flocking. If that’s not enough. they also have a short episode, Short Stuff: The Santa Claus Association on the con-man who save Christmas.

Were You Raised By Wolves?

Holiday Helpings

Regifting fruitcakes, partying at the office, taking down your tree and more. Find out how to handle all the awkward situations that arise during the holidays. Should you send that email on the 25th or be expected to respond to an email on the 26th? Find out before you get back to the office.  

No Such Thing As A Fish

The Queen’s Christmas Burlesque

Need some Christmas-ish facts to seamlessly change the topic at your family gathering this year? Look no further. Turns out the Queen was doing a Christmas podcast nearly 10 years before the hosts! This 50 minute podcasts in front of an live audience is packed with merry (and slightly strange) facts for your enjoyment.

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