Scheduled Maintenance – Syncing

Some people might not realise, but a lot of what makes Pocket Casts, well, Pocket Casts happens on many servers in many different data centres. Cross device syncing, finding new episodes, recommendations and lots more all involve servers in some way shape or form. We’re extremely proud that most people don’t notice this and that our uptime for these has been incredibly good.

Every now and again though we need to make fundamental changes to how some of these servers operate to enable new features or fix issues. Most of the time we can do this seamlessly without interrupting what you do. We’re proud of that too! Sometimes though the changes required are so fundamental that some downtime is needed. We have such a case coming up that we wanted to let you know about.

The downtime required will last roughly 8 hours, starting 5.30pm Sunday the 16th of June Pacific Time (8.30pm in New York, 1.30am in London). During this time you’ll still be able to add new podcasts, receive updates about existing ones you have and download and stream them to your hearts content. However the following things won’t be available:

  • Access to the Web Player and macOS and Windows apps
  • Our Alexa and Sonos integrations
  • Cross device syncing (your devices will still store sync information that they will save to your account later though)
  • Changing your email address or password
  • Setting up new Pocket Casts accounts, or logging into existing ones won’t work during this time either

In short if you have Pocket Casts on your iOS or Android device, you should be able to continue using it during this maintenance without any interruption. Once our sync services come back online, your device will push all the changes you’ve made during the downtime to our servers and things will go back to normal.

We appreciate your patience during this maintenance and can’t wait to share the reasons behind these exciting changes with you in the future.

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