Hiring: QA & Support Officer [Hired]

May 2019 Update
This position has been filled.

Pocket Casts is seeking an organised and articulate Support & QA Officer to help us improve the quality and reliability of our products. The successful candidate will work directly with the support team to identify, diagnose and distil issues into their core components. They will then work with the development team to fix and test the fixes for these issues. Additionally there will be an element of proactively creating regression tests to ensure that future releases don’t introduce new issues.

The ideal candidate is a friendly, patient and creative problem solver. Familiarity with both Android, iOS and web platforms is a must. A keen interest in technology and a willingness to investigate an issue all the way from the initial report to testing and certifying a fix is required.

This position is based in our Adelaide Office, located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Due to the nature of the role other locations are not being considered at this time.

What You’ll Do:

  • Work with the support team to gather customer bug reports
  • Organise these reports into logical groups, and figure out reproduction steps where possible
  • Work with the development team on testing fixes to issues once available
  • Partner with product and engineering teams to provide user-driven product and feature recommendations
  • During periods of increases in support volume, jump in and help the support team respond to customer queries and issues

Your Prior Experience and Skills:

  • A strong working knowledge of Android, iOS and the web is essential
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Previous support and QA experience is welcome, though not required
  • Detail orientation, organised, self-starting
  • Podcasting nerds welcome and encouraged!

If this sounds like a role for you, please get in touch: jobs@pocketcasts.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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